Bhairava Geetha packed with talented cast and crew

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Bhairava Geetha Packed with Talented Cast and Crew

A realistic drama, a strong story line, talented cast and crew, a great filmmaker and an ambitious young director _ all these elements define the movie Bhairava Geetha. Siddhartha Thatholu is the director of Bhairava Geetha

Ram Gopal Varma assures the audience they will definitely be impressed with the work of the young and talented director. Siddharth Thatholu is just 23 years old and completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications.

Ram recalled how he met the young talent, Siddhartha Thatholu. Ram Gopal Varma was shooting for the movie Killing Veerappan in Visakhapatnam when he met a short film maker. When Ram saw the short film maker’s work, he was impressed and asked the filmmaker and his friends, also short film makers, to visit him in Mumbai. One of the friends was Siddhartha. Though Siddhartha was a very silent and closed person, he gave some really good suggestions about a cut and that impressed Ram very much. Later on, when Ram was making a web series, Siddhartha got involved in the project and suggested a concept which made Ram Gopal Varma pause and think for some time. Ram reveals that was the moment when his confidence in Siddhartha got instilled firmly and pushed Ram to make a movie with him.

Daali Dhananjay was a reference by the co-producer Abhishek Nama who was full of praise for Dhananjay’s performance in Tagaru. Ram Gopal Varma, who was skeptical at first, later thanked his lucky stars for making the right decision by choosing Dhananjay for the male lead role in Bhairava Geetha. The actor uses a technique called “method acting,” which is not very famous in the South.

Ram Gopal Varma further reveals he warned Siddhartha that making a short film and working on the actual movie is different. However, Siddhartha surprised Ram Gopal Varma by taking his own decisions on the movie and scenes and rarely sought Varma’s assistance. Siddhartha took Bhairava Geetha very seriously and worked really hard on it. Ram also stated Siddhartha added a superior and polished finish to the movie, which Ram couldn’t have replicated.

Ram Gopal Varma said he lost interest in movies after a certain point of time in his life. He added that watching movies for him is all about craftsmanship and the art of movie making and rarely about the story. Ram is more interested in documentaries and he finds them interesting and fascinating. If he doesn’t find the movie interesting, he usually stops watching. He added Bhairava Geetha is a combination of both story and craftsmanship.


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