Saaho Creates a Sensation on Social Media

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Saaho creates a sensation on social media

Saaho, the costliest project of the Telugu film industry, has recently released a video titled Shades of Saaho. This video is a collection of titbits shot during the action sequences of the movie. This video was released on social media on the birthday of Prabhas and it received a tremendous response from the audience.

Shades of Saaho is now one of the most viewed and highly liked videos of Tollywood. The video went viral due to many factors; the first being the actor’s stylish look in the video. With absolutely stunning looks and a complete makeover, Prabhas looked every bit of the demigod his fans admire and follow. The second important reason is the stunning visuals. With cars smashing and bikes racing at lightning speed, Shades of Saaho managed to arrest the attention of the audience and pulled them into a trance like state. The third and probably the most important reason of this being the highest viewed video of the film industry is Shraddha Kapoor is seen in a completely new look. The roles played by the actress till now  required her to be the “damsel in distress.” With Saaho, she will play a powerful and action packed role for the first time in her career . She will feature in multiple action sequences along with Prabhas.


Though these are some of the key reasons why the video was highly appreciated and viewed, fans have their own reasons to add to the pile. Shades of Saaho achieved a staggering figure of over 10 million views in just over 24 hours by being one of the most highly liked videos on YouTube with over 4,00,000 likes. With this feat, it has already set the mood of the movie. Shades of Saaho also ranks as number one on the list of the most liked movie making videos on social media platforms by grossing over one million likes to its credit. On the whole, the video of the movie’s making grossed over 52 million views and likes on social media, which is a staggering mountain no movie has managed to ascend

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