Wikipedia Rectifies Error on NBK’s Page

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Wikipedia rectifies error on NBK's page

Wikipedia is one of the largest and most popularly referred sites on the internet. It is also the free encyclopedia of information that is available online. But of late, there have been reports of wrong and falsified information being uploaded on the site.

Now, Wiki is on news as it has overlooked a highly followed and popular personality’s information this time. Nandamuri Balakrishna, information had been wrongly uploaded on the wiki page. The actor is prominently known for his movies and powerful presence on the screen in the Telugu states. The Wikipedia page reflected the date of birth of Nandamuri Balakrishna as November 2, 1913, and the date of death of the actor as July 19, 1995. Both these dates are incorrect as the actor’s date of birth is 9th of June, 1960 and he is still alive. In fact, the actor is hale, healthy and is working on one of the biggest projects of the industry, the biopic of NTR.

Fans of Balakrishna were outraged when it came to their notice and took to social media to threaten Wikipedia in case of no action on the rectification of the facts front. The company was quick to respond and immediately rectified their mistake by removing the death date from its page on the actor and also changed his date of birth to the actual date.

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