Nana Patekar is a Unique Personality Says RGV

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Nana Patekar is a unique personality says RGV


Ram Gopal Varma is one of the known and reputed names of the Telugu and Hindi film industries. The director reveals he has known Nana Patekar for a very long time and the Nana he knows would never cause or act in any way that would result in discomfort to a woman. To justify his statement, he recounts a few experiences he had with the actor.

In the initial days, when Ram Gopal Varma was new to the industry, he wanted to work alongside Nana and managed to contact him through his landline number. The director was taken aback when Nana promptly agreed to meet him at his residence. After managing to track the address of the actor, when RGV finally showed up, the actor sat him on the floor beside himself. Nana, halfway through the conversation, offered tea to Ram and once he accepted the offer, Ram was asked to make one for himself and one for Nana as he pointed the way to the kitchen. The bewildered director revealed he did not know how to make tea and from there on, their association began.

Ram also recounts an incident wherein Nana openly reprimanded two speeding youngsters who were polluting the environment. The director vividly remembers the scene and says the actor is just passionate about what he does and is good at heart.

He also added he is one of those people who does genuine donations and by that Ram explains a major portion of the remuneration Nana Patekar receives is donated to orphanages and old age homes and the actor asks the producer to do it as well. He says the actor does this to prick the conscience of the producer to remind him to give back to the society he lives in and not to waste money.

Ram Gopal Varma concluded by saying whatever allegations Nana is facing right now, he doesn’t believe them because the actor has always had a good heart and is pure with his intentions. He also addressed Tanushree asking her to take a closer look at things and look at Nana in a positive light. He added that whatever she experienced with the actor may have been unintentional.


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