Samantha gives a befitting response to preachers on her Insta story

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Samantha gives a Befitting Response to Preachers on her Insta Story

Samantha Akkineni, the beautiful actress of Tollywood is currently trending on social media for wearing a dress that was too revealing. Right from Twitter to Instagram, everybody is talking about how she is expected to dress as she is a married woman now and is the daughter in law of the Akkineni family. But let us back up a little. Are we in the 18th century or what? This is 2018, where people now look beyond dressing and style. People are now recognized for their talent and hardly for how they dress or speak.

Why is there a dress code for married women? Why shouldn’t married women be allowed to wear what they want to and why shouldn’t they do what they please? Marriage isn’t an agreement between a girl and a guy where a girl signs off all her happiness or all her rights to do what she wants. She is definitely entitled to her own opinion and the way she dresses. After all, one feels liberated when he/she is accepted without being judged and is left to be comfortable in his/her own skin. Personally, I feel most liberated when I speak to my family as they are the only people who will not judge you for what you are. Marriage is the second most liberating thing in the world that takes after having a heart to heart with parents as the one more person is there to back you up no matter what. Marriage is not just about compromise but acceptance as well.

Samantha Akkineni is lucky enough to have people and family backing her up on every decision she takes and earned the support of her in laws and family. If whoever took the liberty of posting this image of hers put some serious thought before doing it, he/she would realize that none of her family members opposed or put up any posts shunning these images. The society we live in has colored itself in the name of modern, independent and strong woman are the future of this generation. But, beneath all the colors the stereotypical minds are still at work as to how a woman should dress, behave and conduct herself after marriage. With one’s education and lifestyle standards constantly rising, one would expect their horizons would expand day by day. On the contrary, they are shrinking and sinking to seabeds and the horror is, it is happening in broad daylight all over the internet for everyone else to see.

Samantha took to Insta to post her reply to all those who tried to preach openly as to how she should conduct herself. She replied befittingly and those who attempted to preach got what they deserve. She was also kind enough to thank them for their free valuable speech. Vidyullekha, the actress expressed her support by Tweeting about it and declining to accept such double standards and moral policing.

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