U Turn Movie Review

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U Turn Movie Review

U-Turn, a Kannada remake has hit theaters today. The movie revolves around a simple wrong UTurn taken by daily commuters to avoid traffic. An investigative journalist starts digging into this offense and to her astonishment,  these people die under mysterious circumstances and that too on the day they take the wrong U-Turn. What actually happened and why these people are dying under unusual circumstances is the story of the movie, U-Turn.

U-Turn Movie Details:

Cast: Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika Chawla

Director: Pawan Kumar

Producers: Srinivasa Chitturi, Rambabu Bandaru


Cinematographer: Niketh Bommireddy

An investigative journalist working as an intern is on the lookout for a story. She decides to take up the traffic rule violation on the flyover where a couple of road dividers were moved by a couple of commuters to take a wrong UTurn and avoid traffic. She wishes to confront them about this incident and has a homeless guy make a note of these vehicle numbers. Mysteriously, one by one, all these offenders die under mysterious circumstances. What actually happened and why these offenders are dying under unusual circumstances makes up the story of UTurn.


  • Samantha Akkineni did a tremendous job as an investigative journalist. She did justice to her role through her brilliant performance.
  • Bhumika Chawla, who hit the big screen after quite some time hasn’t lost her charm as an actor on the screen. Her screen presence was palpable and was as amazing as always.
  • Aadhi Pinisetty did a fantastic job as a cop in this movie.


  • Great storyline.
  • An amazing twist at the end.
  • Brilliant performers.


  • We could hardly find any in UTurn as the actors drew attention to themselves and away from flaws.
  • However, the story was a bit of a drag in the second half.


The Twist in the movie was a definite surprise. The movie is worth watching and is totally worth one’s money. The actors put in their 200% and delivered their best performance. It’s a must watch for everyone who is fond of thrillers and mysteries. However, if you’re faint hearted we advice you to wait until you hear the story from a friend who watched it and then take a call!




U Turn Movie Review
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