Queens of South India

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Queens of South India

Queen (2014), the highly appreciated and popular movie of Kangana Ranaut has won the hearts of the global audience. With talent so versatile and beauty unparalleled, Kangana did a tremendous job as an actress in this movie. Queen impressed the south so much that, Mediente,a huge production house decided to remake the movie in four South Indian languages. It is going to be made in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. The actresses Tammanah for Telugu, Kajal Aggarwal for Tamil, Manjima Mohan in Malayalam and Parul Yadav in Kannada have played the part.

Tammanah’s Telugu version titled as That is Mahalakshmi is going to be directed by Prasanth Varma. Kajal Aggarwal’s Queen remake in Tamil is titled as Paris Paris!! and is being directed Actor/ Director Ramesh Aravind.The Kannada remake is titled as Butterfly and this project also is being directed/Actor by Ramesh Aravind.The Malayalam remake is known as Zam Zam and is being directed by Neelakanta. The producer for all these four projects is Manu Kumaran.

Apart from a common producer, these 4 mega projects also have a common music composer, Amit Trivedi, the much famed and appreciated music composer of Bollywood. Amit Trivedi who is actually making his debut in the South markets for the first time has been quickly taken into fold and is being roped into various other mega projects like Sye Raa and #Prabhas20 which are bound to release in the year 2019. The producers of Sye Raa intially announced that AR Rehman is going to be the music composer for the mega project but then, Rehman chose to step back since he had a clash in giving the dates. It was then that Amit Trivedi was approached who was already working on the music of Kajal’s Paris Paris !! by then. Amit Trivedi’s music is going to be out in all the four languages and is going to take the crowd by a storm much before Sye Raa and #Prabhas20.

Amit Trivedi is currently composing the music for the largest projects of the Telugu film industry such as Sye Raa and #Prabhas20 and the anticipation to get to listen to it is growing stronger. However, the audience wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the Queen remakes are bound to hit theaters before any of these mega projects. The Queen remakes are currently in the post production work and will hit theaters shortly. Indeed the South audience are lucky as the anticipation and the curiousity period is cut short for them.

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