Manu Telugu Movie Review

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Manu Telugu Movie Review

Manu, a movie that is crowdfunded is out in theaters today. The movie is some piece of an artwork with more focus on the detail that the story. However, the storyline doesn’t fall short due to this. The story has been woven with great care and precision and every little detail was taken care of, for the audience to make sense of it. However, this extreme focus actually pulled the story down and seemed like a bit of a drag. The lead characters of the movie, Neela and Manu are creative people who choose their art as a medium of communication. They fall in love with each other through their work and that is how they connect on a level very few can reach and understand.

Manu Movie Details:

Cast: Chandini Chowdary, Ravi Teja, Aberaam Varma, Raja Goutham

Director: Phanindra Narsetti

Producers: Crowdfunded

Songs: Naresh Kumaran

Cinematographer: Vishwanath Reddy


The story of Manu revolves around 2 lovers whose love life falls in chaos owing to three criminals. How their story gets disrupted and what happened is the rest of the story of Manu.


Raja Goutham outdid himself in the character of Manu. With a brooding personality and wrapped up in loneliness, Goutham delivered one of his best performances.
Chandini Chowdary has tried something different with this movie. This movie is her 5th project and she already is working like a seasoned actress


Great storyline. With poetic references and an amazing screenplay that is full of suspense, Manu grows on adrenaline junkies.
The cinematography of the movie is commendable. With subtle lighting and Equally good performances, Manu is a good piece of work.
The background score of the movie actually builds the drama to it.
Great cinematography by Vishwanadh Reddy.


Manu is a good script. But with a 3 hr long narrative, the audience tends to get bored and it, therefore, loses the audience at some point in time.
The screenplay looks engaging at first, but then it hits a flat tone due to a lot of convoluted twists and turns in almost every frame of the movie.


Manu is definitely a good story to tell and for a first-timer on the big screen, Phanindra Narisetty has done a tremendous job. However, on the screenplay and narration point of view, the audience tends to lose interest in the movie after a certain point in the movie and that is the greatest drawback of Manu. The first half is very much engaging but the second half is more of a drag and the director tried to explain every aspect and every though the characters have during the movie. Initially, it feels good to understand the character’s mindset but overdoing it, actually leaves a bitter taste to it. Major drawbacks of the movie are that in certain points of the movie, it defies logic which simply doesn’t grow on today’s audience.


Manu Telugu Movie Review
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