Nani Completes 10 Years in the Telugu Film Industry

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Nani Completes 10 Years in the Telugu Film Industry
Naveen Babu Ghanta, fondly known as Nani by his admirers and fans completes 10 years in the Telugu film industry. Known for his boy next door looks and intense display of emotions, one can safely say he is one of the finest TFI has ever experienced. The versatile actor came into the industry with no background or support and is a self-made personality. His friends in Telugu industry claim he is one of the most down to earth and easy going person with no high air and pretense about him and makes one comfortable in his presence. The actor has made some wise decisions and learned some lessons during this 10-year journey. Here is a list of the hit movies of the young actor because of which he is known all over the Telugu states and recently abroad as well.
Ashta Chamma:
The movie that introduced some of the finest to the Telugu film industry. Srinivas Avasarala, Nani, Colors Swathi and Bhargavi were the lead cast of this sensational movie. Directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti, Ashta Chamma is one of those flicks that triggers laughs and giggles even today. With multiple confusions and the crazy meter set on a permanent high, Ashta Chamma is apt to watch on a summer evening with friends and enjoy. Nani outshone as an actor in this movie and gave his best performance even though it was his debut.
Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu:
This movie came in with amazing tunes to die for and cast so good that it is one of Nani’s best works. Directed by Tatineni Satya and written by Suseenthiran, Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu is one of those inspirational and emotional movies that will move anyone to tears. The song Naalo Parugulu is one of the most appreciated songs to date. The movie is loved by all category audience from children to elders. This movie is one of the finest works of Nani and is worth watching again just to see his expressions and pure emotions.
Ala Modalaindi:
Ala Modalaindi is a modern day love story between a boy and a girl who are in search of their soulmate. After multiple trials and interactions with many possible suitors, they come to the conclusion that they fell for each other long back but took a long time to realize it. After a few misses to express their feelings, the climax with the female lead holding a gun to Nani’s head to make him confess his love for her is hilarious. The movie is a fun, entertaining, hilarious and an emotion-filled drama with Nani delivering his best alongside Nithya Menon who did a tremendous job as Nithya in this flick. Ala Modalaindi is a twist to the couples of this day, who refuse to adjust to minor inconveniences and keep searching for new partners and new love.
Pilla Zamindar:
Pilla Zamindar is a story that is appreciated by the common audience even today. The movie came out in the year 2011 and by god is still the most amazing movie we have ever seen. Shot in a village and with very little to complain about, this movie was a huge hit with the Tamil and the Telugu audience. By then, Nani already had a dedicated fan base and it kept growing with each project of his. The movie revolves around how one should live, with compassion and love for society. This movie delivered a powerful message to the audience and is a movie that is aimed at the betterment of the society. The cast of this spectacular movie is Haripriya, Bindu Madhavi, and Avasarala Srinivas apart from Nani.
One of the most spectacular projects of the Telugu film industry, Eega took the audience by storm. With only about 15mins to his credit, Nani managed to deliver his love for Bindu (Samantha), his anger towards Kiccha Sudeep( Antagonist) and his will strong as steel to save his love from trouble. What many are unable to deliver with 2 hrs reel time, Nani pulled off with grace and poise and is it really is one of his best works till date. Eega, directed by S.S. Rajamouli, was a huge commercial success in both Tamil and Telugu languages, owing to the story and the way it was presented.
Bhale Bhale Magadivoy:
The movie completed 3 years in the Telugu industry yesterday and it is remembered for Nani’s exceptional acting skills as a man with forgetfulness as his main weakness. His confusion when he tries to express his love, his efforts to cover up his weakness and the fear of losing the girl he loves, Nani did every scene with perfection and brought life to the character of Lucky. Directed by Maruthi Dasari, the movie is a huge box office hit and is still remembered for certain scenes that trigger giggles from all generations alike.
Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha:
This movie came onto the big screen in the year 2016. The storyline of this movie is about a guy who falls in love with a girl, Mahalakshmi(Mehreen) at a very young age. As they grew up, their love for each other grew with them and flourished. The big question of the girl’s wedding comes and she requests him to talk to her brother( Shatru). Now Krishna( Nani) who by nature is a very soft natured person with an aversion to violence and bloodshed is really scared to push the topic to her brother. A series of unexpected events take place and Krishna lands up with the kids of ACP Srikanth, who is the brother of Mehreen‘s grandfather. What happens next and how Krishna wins the hand of Mahalakshmi in marriage is the story of Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha. This movie is a huge box office hit as Nani put up one of his best performances. Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi, this movie is worth watching just for Nani’s intense expressions and his eyes.
Ninnu Kori:
Ninnu Kori is still our all-time favorite owing to its unique concept and Nivetha Thomas and Nani’s chemistry. The movie’s tunes are to die for and the song Adiga Adiga still brings a dull ache to the heart when one listens to it. The movie revolves around a Ph.D. pursuer Uma Maheshwar Rao who falls in love with Pallavi. Both of them dream of a future and plan everything when one event Uma witnesses change everything. He is forced to choose between his career and Pallavi and chooses his career. Pallavi is heartbroken and depressed when her father brings in an alliance (Aadhi Pinisetty) and she gets married to him. Later on, Pallavi comes to know Uma is still pinning in her memory and she decides to give him his much-needed closure. How and what happens later is Ninnu Kori. Directed by a debut director Shiva Nirvana, Ninnu Kori is a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Nani is a decade old in the TFI today!!!
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