Manchu Manoj and Mohan Babu Responds to Troll Tweets Graciously

Mohan Babu is currently trending on Twitter and social media for reasons other than a movie. The reason we found was that he gave an interview to India Today a month ago. The interview was done by the famous anchor Rajdeep Sardesai. While explaining a scene to the anchor of the show, Mohan Babu made a gesture to denote killing and said the word fasak.

This word and scene went viral all over social media and the internet. In less than a month, over 200 spoofs and memes have been made and floated all over the internet. Usually, an actor who faces this kind of mockery and spoof creation gets enraged and blasts the media for promoting such kind of content.

But the Manchu’s have been gracious and accepting about it. In fact, Mohan Babu took to Twitter to express his delight on such funny and viral videos based on one scene and word. Manchu Lakshmi also expresses her delight and surprise and also mentions that a few spoofs were funny as hell. Manchu Vishnu mentioned his jogging distance with #Fasak today. Manchu Manoj went a step ahead and responded to the Tweeters in a very surprising and calm fashion which took the audience by surprise.

Now, this sure is one hell of a family with crazy ideals that they are so accepting and gracious about all the buzz and hype.

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