Srinivasa Kalyanam Director Satish Vegesna Exclusive Interview With Telugu Filmnagar

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Srinivasa Kalyanam Director Satish Vegesna Exclusive Interview With Telugu Filmnagar

Basking in the glory of the success of Srinivasa Kalyanam, the director of the movie Satish Vegesna agreed to give TFN an exclusive Interview. The Director is completely elated with the response the movie got and he says that the women of this generation have showered their appreciation and praise on it.

  • In conversation with our Senior Editor Prabhu, Satish Vegesna says every director has a few key elements and fundamentals a movie is based on. These fundamentals are supposed to direct the flow of the movie and build the story around them. The Director’s take, as we like to call it from the movie is based on these important scenes.
  • In the beginning of the movie, the female lead of the movie, Raashi Khanna works in 2 part time jobs. One in a Coffee shop and another in Pizza Hut. The whole point of a multimillioniare’s daughter working as a regular girl is that her Father, played by Prakash Raj tells her that the no. one rule in business is stick to what you have promised to deliver. The father takes a promise from his daughter that under any given circumstances, she is not supposed to reveal her identity for a period of 6 months before she takes on her father’s business empire. The director Satish, says that this is a very important scene when Raashi Khanna’s true identity is revealed and it gave a lot of depth to the character of Raashi in the movie.
  • In the post interval beginning, when the marriage is all set and invites are to be distributed, the Senior Actress, Jayasudha stresses on the importance of naming and recalling every relation they have and inviting them to the Wedding as Wedding is the most important occasion in one’s life and it is supposed to be shared with everyone related to you. It is a celebration that everyone related to you is present and witnesses it.
  • In the shopping mall, when the purchase of wedding gifts for the invitees is being done, the question of discrimination in the value of the gifts come in. The lead actor of the movie, steps in and sets the situation straight by stressing on the importance of relations and that there shouldn’t be discrimination on the basis of their status or lifestyle.
  • Towards the Pre-climax, there is a scene where all the old and the young generation sit together and Nithiin asks everyone what is their take on Marriage.

1. Rajendra Prasad’s definition of the marriage and what marriage means to him gives a lot of depth to the movie’s theme.
2. Sithara’s definition adds the charm that brings out the beauty of the scene and gives a direction to the flow of the movie.

  • In the Pre-climax scene, Nandita Swetha finally opens up about her deeply nutured feelings for Nithiin. Her emotions and her performance just speaks volumes for her. The dignity with which she held her silence when she came to know that Nithiin fell for someone else, the agony she goes through when she sees everything related to the wedding move at quick pace and finally the way she opens up about her deep rooted feelings is commendable.
  • The highlight of the movie is Prakash Raj, the father of the female lead confession. The actor gave his best performance as a ruthless businessman who values nothing but time and money. But the gradual change in him and the way he realizes that there are more important things in life that money and they are relationships and the little pleasures one can share with them brings out the main theme of the movie, SRINIVASA KALYANAM.


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