RX100 Hero Karthikeya Success Story

RX100 Hero Karthikeya Success Story

The lead actor of the movie RX100, Kartikeya talks to the media about his struggle as an actor and his journey, the decisions he had to take, the choices he had to make. He recounts his initial days when he did not have much of a head start since he did not have anyone he knew from the Industry or the influence to know one. His dream was to work in a project that would set him apart from the Industry which was tough considering he was a new entry in the Industry. He adds that his family was against the idea of him working in the Film Industry and wanted him to be an IAS or IPS but he convinced his family to let him pursue his dream. The heart wants what it wants, said the actor with a smile.

The Beginning:

Karthikeya, began his journey from Srinagar colony in Hyderabad. As a kid he was pretty active in extra curricular activities especially the cultural ones. He says that he was always interested in dancing and it just brought him closer to what he dreamt of. A graduate from NIT Warangal the actor was never keen on studies and used to spend a lot of time at the gym. He was the cultural secretary of his college and used to conduct multiple events related to dance all the time.

The Struggle:

Kartikeya further goes on telling about the initial days of his struggle. He auditioned for multiple movies but he was turned down. After many such attempts he landed a role in a movie, Love Karthik but the movie never got enough publicity. As desperation grew in him, Director Ajay Bhupati offered him a role in love story.

The Success Story:

Karthikeya remembers how doubtful and apprehensive he was when he initially heard the first part of the script. But after listening to the second part, the young actor made up his mind to work alongside Ajay. The actor reveals that initially the movie was named Yamaha RX100 but then it was changed to RX100

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