July – The Dream Month Of Tollywood

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July – The Dream Month Of Tollywood

The month of July has been the “Era of Gold”for all the movies released in that period. The movies released in this particular month have been the Trendsetters and Game Changers of Tollywood Industry. It then started growing on people and now every one in the Industry believes July is indeed an auspicious season. To help you understand better, let us look at some facts and then come to a conclusion.

2014:  11th July, 2014 . The hit movie Drushyam released in the year 2014 sending shockwaves throughout the country. The movie is a thriller and the storyline was so strong that it influenced multiple Industries like Kollywood and Bollywood. In Tamil the movie released in the year 2015 going by the name Papanasam. In Kannada, the movie Drishya and in Bollywood the movie Drishyam came onto the silver screen.

2015:  10th July, 2015. The Internationally acclaimed and appreciated movie, BAAHUBALI- THE BEGINNING hit the theaters and took them by storm. The movie needs no introduction in any part of the world and is a Drama and Action genre movie unleashed on the stage of the world. Most of all, the big question of “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?” kept many awake at night and the audience kept eagerly waiting with apprehension to watch the second part of the movie even if it took few years to complete it.

2016: 29th July, 2016. The movie “Pelli Choopulu” hit the theaters on this day and won the appreciation of the audience and the critics alike. A movie that is solely based on a strong and independent girl, a determined yet directionless boy, both poles apart in thinking but working together to making one singular dream come true. This movie hit bulls eye in relating with the audience and present generation youth that it still remains as a “GO TO” movie for someone who had a bad day and needs some cheering up.

2017: 21st July, 2017. The movie Fidaa hit the theaters of the Telugu cinema and it won the hearts and appreciation of the audience. A story about a young girl who is comfortable in her own skin, confident and graceful, shy yet bold and about a guy who  loves her very much but is unable to gauge her feelings. The movie is about a confusion between confession and silent love, a love for the homeland versus a love for a guy who is her soul mate. The female lead character is named Bhanumati, and we believe there’s a Bhanumati in every girl..just varying in degrees and levels. The movie cast won awards for their performance in this movie. The female lead Sai Pallavi won Film fare Award for Best Actress-Telugu while there are other Awards the movie has to its Credit.

2018: 12th July, 2018. The movie RX100 took to theaters on this day and since then has been the story that everyone’s been talking about. A story between a guy who loves a girl with all he has and a girl who had her own reasons to fall for him, this movie is doing well at the BO and is gaining a lot of attention from the Industry. Not only because of the bold and stark reality of the movie, but also because it has the emotional trigger to pull the audience..the movie has set a trend in the Industry.


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