RGV opens up about the making of Satya on the eve of its 20th Birthday

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RGV opens up about the making of Satya on the eve of its 20th Birthday

Like Tollywood before and after RGV – Nagarjuna‘s cult film Shiva, Bollywood could always be called as before and after RGV’s Satya. The movie released on 3rd July 1998, was started as a film with vagueness, but accidentally turned out to be a cult classic, as Ram Gopal Varma said. On the eve of the 20th birthday of Satya, RGV shares his journey with Satya and expounds every bit of what inspired him to make Satya. Taking a few excerpts from RGV’s writing, let’s travel back to Satya.

After witnessing a murder in Mumbai in 1994, RGV in his words said, “I was trying to intercut the moments of the man who died with the man who killed. Then it suddenly struck me that we always hear about these gangsters only when they either kill or when they die. But what do they do in between? That was the first thought of mine which eventually resulted in Satya”. This was the inspiration for RGV to give life to Satya.

RGV says that in Mumbai any guy walking on the road could be a gangster and the guy living next door could be a gangster. The whole point of it is that they have to mix up in the society and look like anybody else so as to operate in secrecy. This was what inspired RGV to write Urmila for Satya. In the words of RGV, “That was where I got the Urmila’s track for Satya. The fact that Urmila’s character doesn’t know who Satya really is but yet ends up in having a relationship with him.”

Telling about Bheeku Matre’s character and Bheeku Matre abusing the dead Chander, RGV tells about Ajit Diwani, the man who shared his experience of seeing a gangster abusing his dead brother for not listening to his words and losing the life. Likewise, RGV explains the base for writing Kallu Mama character, who basically pretends as if he is a big-time gangster, but actually is a clown in the gang.

Interestingly, Chander’s character in Satya was taken from a man who belongs to Arun Gawli’s gang. In his words, “one day at a place called Bara Chawl, I met a man who belongs to Arun Gawli’s gang. There was so much of a build up that people gave me about him on how dangerous he is, but when I met him he came across as a cute guy. In every sentence he will use the name of Gawli, “Gawli bhai ne yeh kiya, Gawli bhai ne woh kiya, Gawli bhai ne mereko ghar leke diya”. So his whole existence was about his awe of Gawli and he doesn’t have any identity for himself. That I took in Chander’s character.

RGV says that every character in Satya was modeled on someone he met or someone he heard of. RGV eulogized his actors, saying that they improvised everything on spot and delivered realistic performances. Talking about the style of making Satya, RGV remembers the unexpected scream of Sushanth while shooting a gripping scene. In his words, “If he had not screamed or if I had told him before itself that shot will cut on the slash, Satya would not have been the same”[sic]

A very modest RGV says that he was very unclear about the story and movie, but people like Anurag, Saurabh, Manoj, Urmila, Chakri, Makrand, Vishal, Sandeep, Allan and Gerard and others somehow accidentally managed to reach the shore of success. RGV takes time to thank each and everyone on contributing to the success of Satya, which was accidentally happened.

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