Naa Nuvve Movie Review

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Naa Nuvve Movie Review

Kalyan Ram Nandamuri, who seems to be inspired by his brother Jr NTR, who has changed track with a classic like Nannaku Prematho, came up with his latest flick “Naa Nuvve”, a love story featuring Tamanna as the female lead. Siddharth’s 180 movie fame Jayendra has directed the film, while Sharreth has scored the music. Legendary cinematographer PC Sreeram seized the film with his lens. The movie is released today and here is our take on Naa Nuvve.

Meera (Tamanna ) is a girl who believes in destiny. She gets to meet Kalyan Ram (Varun) in few incidents and considers him as her lucky charm since she gets success every time he comes near to her. After many catch and miss moments, Meera meets Varun and expresses her love. The twist in the tale begins as Varun doesn’t believe in destiny and puts Meera a test to check if destiny is true in their case. How things go on later? Will destiny unite Meera and Varun? How destiny played with the two must be seen in theaters.


– Kalyan Ram is decent in a fresh look, very new to him considering his mass following. He has done a good job as Varun, especially in love scenes.

– Tamanna gets the highest score as the actress has got a role that has more screen space and she had delivered a brilliant performance as Meera, a girl who is in the pursuit of love. The emotional scenes featuring Tamanna have come too good.

– Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Surekha Vani and others have done their jobs well.

– Comedians Vennela Kishore, Praveen, Bithiri Satthi have brought decent laughs in the film.

Technical Department:

– PC Sreeram has done a decent job bringing in a rich and colorful look to the movie, though the film is not so novelistic to showcase to his level. There are few shots to be appreciated.

– Music by Sharreth is pleasing, so does the background music. Though the songs seem to be wasted by unnecessary placement.

– Editing could have been a bit better, as the movie goes on a slow pace and few unwanted scenes and songs placement ruin the mood of the film.


Tamanna Performance

PC Sreeram Cinematography

Sharreth Music

Few comedy scenes

Love scenes between the lead pair


Single line plot

Direction by Jayendra lacks punch

The slow pace of the movie

Unnecessary placement of songs

A few unconvincing scenes in the name of destiny.

Kalyan Ram doesn’t look so convincing as Varun, which needs a much young-looking actor.


Naa Nuvve is a movie not for the mass audience as the story is too urbane. Running the movie on a single plot – destiny, makes it look stretched. Tamanna and Kalyan Ram have done their jobs well enough, so does other actors. The direction could have been better, like the film editing. PC Sreeram shines to some extent only but made the film shine to the fullest. Sharreth has done a pretty decent job, with an engaging background music.

Verdict: As it was already believed that the film would be only for those who like slow-paced movies, Naa Nuvve is only for such audience, as others might feel bored of the execution of “destiny” concept. Tamanna shines in the first place and comedy works out at parts. Kalyan Ram must be appreciated for trying to come out of his comfort zone and doing a film like Naa Nuvve. On a whole, Naa Nuvve is a decent film which is a one-time watch if you are fine with the slow pace.


Naa Nuvve Review
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