Emotional Letter of a Ravi Teja fan about Nela Ticket

I think one of the most effortless ways to ruin someone’s efforts and turn their business down is to write a review. Most reviews are protected under the First Amendment (free speech) and these reviewers feed on this act to fulfill their personal agendas. All they need is a domain name and they are all set.
We watch movies for entertainment and in these busy days, we tend to check the reviews online before going to a movie. What do we expect when we look at a movie review? A genuine understanding of the positive and negative points in the movie and then we want to decide if we want to go ahead to watch it. Movie reviewer does not need any qualification, nor he needs any investment. They do not have any set standards on how to write a review. Anyone can claim to be a reviewer for a movie and start writing whatever they want. I sometimes wonder if they really watch the movie before writing a review.

People claiming as movie reviewers have gone down to the level of influencing the public with their personal views on an individual or something else and do not match with the actual movie at all. Hiding behind ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression’, they just promote their personal opinions with or without watching the movie. I recently watched a movie named ‘Nela Ticket’ and I liked the movie. Frankly, that is what I expected from Mass hero Ravi Teja and I enjoyed the comedy, Action sequences and the storyline too. The story may not be completely new, but it is definitely a decent and clean movie to watch with a message too.
After two days, I got to know that the movie is an utter flop and the then saw the reviews. I could not conclude if the person who wrote the movie review watched it in the first place!
If he/she did, what was the basis for the review?
Was the mindset of the audience considered while writing the review?
Or is it a self-mindset which provoked them to write simply something to fill the page?

Here is what I saw:


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Another sample here:

I have few questions to the reviewer as an audience
1. If there is no highlight for you, why did u even attempt to write the review? As per your review, this movie does not even need a review. What is your idea of writing the review?
2. Zero Entertainment to whom? You or public? On what basis did u decide this because I and my friends were of course entertaining.
3. “Ravi Teja Seems to have not learned from past mistakes “
What gives you the right to make this statement? Is it freedom of speech or expression?
Do you realize that a star like Ravi Teja is also an individual who has some rights to choose what he wants to do?
4. Do you review your review before publishing it? Or do you just think a domain name is enough to publish?
5. Do you have the audience in mind when you write a review? Do you feel that responsibility?
6. What kind of a qualification makes you think you can give a ‘Verdict’ to a movie?
In the current times when the standards of professional journalism have reached their worst peaks, these reviewers who have no set standards fall further down beyond worse.
As an audience, I would like to ask if there any protocol or a body to control this kind of Spam?

Thanks & Regards
A Common Audience.

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