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What would you like to become when you grow up? The usual answer to this would be doctor, engineer, lawyer or an astronaut. But have you heard of anybody saying ‘I want to become a politician?’ Well, you might have not.

There may be several reasons why politics is not considered as a profession by many but there are equal reasons as to why each one of us should encourage the younger generation to take up politics.

These following films are like a prospectus for the those who have a fear of taking up politics and also a guide to those who are already in the field to better the nation.

Adhineta – Jagapathi Babu who plays the role of an ordinary villager, starts off his career as the personal secretary to the CM. Later he realizes the corrupted politics going on and decides to take over the CM’s post in order to do good to the people.



Ganesh – He is an alien to the political world. His life was just his father, sister and friends. But things change suddenly and they turn him into a rebel. Ganesh is a film where Venkatesh puts his foot down to stop the horrific issues created by the health minister.



Mutha Mestri – Chiranjeevi features as a local market worker, who fights for the rights of his fellowman. Looking at his dedication, the CM invites him to enter politics. The Mutha Mestri takes the charge and works on stopping all the illegal activities going on in the region.



Operation Duryodhana – This is one of the cult films of Srikanth. The film is about a police officer whose sincerity is questioned. Srikanth then becomes a politician who goes on a mission to prove the faults in the political system.



Prasthanam – Politics is not a profession which ends with a person. It is a tradition which gets passed on from father to son, son to his son and so forth. The chaos which gets created in between is what Prasthanam is about.



Prathinidhi – In order to develop the state or the nation, first and foremost money will be the priority. So now our currency is being utilized in the various zones and how the revenue is not properly catered for the development of the society, forms the crux of Prathinidhi.



Leader –  Avineethi nirmulana is the single point agenda. A leader is born from the people and not from political power. This film shows how corruption begins at home and spreads like a forest fire.



Daruvu – If a politician can be a slave to money and power, then he can also make a change for the better to serve the people. This is what happens in Daruvu. 



Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu – If there is a crisis, it’s not only the government authorities who need to take action. It can be any commoner. In such cases, Rambabu steps up and eliminates the bad in the society.



Nene Raju Nene Mantri – A man aspires to become the Sarpanch and eventually the chief minister, just to see his wife reigning as a queen. His goal is to help those who suffered injustice like he did due to the greed of powerful people.



Bharat Ane Nenu – Last but not the least, the latest blockbuster of Superstar Mahesh Babu. By taking over his father’s chair, Bharat discovers the flaws in the systems of the government. He sets out a strategy to make the current political scenario better.




So this is our political prospectus for you folks. No wonder movies are made not only to entertain people but also to educate them about the current issues in our state or nation.

What do you think? Comment below and let us know your views on politics.

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