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Rajaratham is a movie that has been making strong noise. Thanks to its spree of promotions, the film garnered good attention. Since the film marks the Tollywood debut of Rangitaranga director Anup Bhandari, there are good expectations on the film. Rana’s voice over to the film has raised the expectations bar. Has the film lived up to all its expectations? Check out our review.


Abhishek (Nirup Bhandari) and Megha (Avantika Shetty) are college mates for 4 long years. But they hardly spoke to each other or hardly know each other in college. Abhishek is a shy, traditional guy who is deeply in love with Megha which she is unaware of. Abhishek knew that Megha is already in a relationship with another college mate and hence, he has hidden his feelings for Megha. However, Abhishek and Megha meet accidentally in a journey and sit next to each other in a long bus (Rajaratham) journey. That’s when both of them get closer to one another and start knowing about each other. While Abhishek is a Telugu guy, Megha is a Kannada girl who learns speaking Telugu in college. The long journey gives them chance to enjoy the life to the fullest and gives them situations to bond together.

Abhishek’s brother Vishwa (Arya) is an aggressive regional leader who fights for his people. The film is set against the communal tensions between Kanada-speaking people and Telugu-speaking people. What happens when the bus (Rajaratham) is stuck on the border of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh where communal tensions arise. How the lead pair and other co-passengers of the bus face the unexpected flare-up in the border.


Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty have done an impressive job. Be it in romantic scenes, fun scenes or in the climax portions where the film has a dark tone, the duo did well. Ravi Shankar is good. But he is wasted in a limited role. His role doesn’t rise above the limitations. It is just a side character that helps the lead pair who lost their way in the forest during the bus journey. Yet, he shines. He has a song with the lead pair.

Rana’s voiceover comes in handy for the film. He is lively as the bus Rajaratham and his friendly banter engages the audience. Arya shoulders the film as Vishwa, a local leader championing for the rights of his community. All the cast in the bus is alright.

Plus Points:

Fun Scenes
Rana’s Voice Over

Minus Points:

Complicated Narration
Dubbing Portions


After a gap of more than two and a half years, the team of RangiTaranga is back. The Bhandari brothers with other cast and crew delivered this acclaimed thriller in 2015 which got several accolades from all corners. Now they have come up with a romantic caper set against political drama. The film has several elements such as romance, humor, drama, politics. Director Anup has taken too much time in establishing the characters and the real-story only comes towards the end of the film.

In fact, there’s plenty to like in the film but one gets the feeling that the director doesn’t seem to know when to hold back. Anup’s writing suffers to an extent. Also, non-sync of dubbing irks. Yet the film offers myriad emotions, feelings. It is a decent experience. Although the film is a road movie, it doesn’t give you the sense of a road film.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Rajaratham is an okay ride. It is a good time-pass flick.

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