Radhika Apte Comments On Working In South Cinema

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Radhika Apte is one of the under the veil actresses. The paparazzi might not cover her always but her on-screen performances are appreciated widely.

The actress has always been experimental with her craft. She is popular for her short films and also her choice of different films in Bollywood and elsewhere. Recently, Radhika featured in the renowned show, Vogue BFFs, hosted by Neha Dhupia. The Kabali actress was seen with her BFF and actor, Rajkumar Rao.

Some of Radhika’s statements on this show went viral. She said, “I wouldn’t generalize it. But the films I worked on, there was a 100% difference in how they treated men and women.” Later on, Radhika Apte shared her experience of working on a Telugu film. She continued, “My first day on a Telugu film, there’s a scene where I am lying in bed and the star, he was a big actor, walks in and starts tickling my feet.”

Radhika added, “And I was told he’s very powerful, but I just got up and snapped at him in front of everyone. I said, ‘Don’t ever, EVER, do that again!'” She explained the reaction on the other side, “And he never touched me after that!”

Indeed it’s absolutely right to stand up for yourself. Well done girl!

Furthermore, Radhika did not stop there. The actress was asked if she had done any bizarre jobs to make money. Radhika replied to this as,”Well, I did South Indian films. They pay you well..,” she continued, “And you bloody deserve it! it was hard.”

It should be noted that any job in the Indian film industry is not easy, be it for an actor, actress or any technician but it depends on the choice of roles that you play.

Lastly, Radhika did not leave any opportunity to comment about RGV. When she was asked if there was any actor or filmmaker that she thinks, should retire. Ms. Apte replied, “I mean this with so much love, but it’s RGV. Because he’s made such fabulous cinema, he shouldn’t be making bad ones now. I’ve been his biggest fan.”

So this Radhika Apte guys! Let us know your take on these comments.

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