Idi Naa Love Story Movie Review & Rating

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Since Idhi Na Love Story is touted as Tarun’s comeback film which arrives after a long hiatus, Tarun is pinning high hopes. Interesting teaser and good songs have garnered good buzz on the film. With the youthful love story hits the cinemas on Valentines Day, there’s a great anticipation on the film. Let’s find out what the film offers and how it has been.

Story :
Abhiram aka Abhi (Tarun) is an ad filmmaker. Upon his sister’s request, Abhi agrees to meet a girl Dr Shruti, sister of Aravind, in Araku. On his way, he finds a girl Abhinaya (Ovia) and he likes her in the first look. After reaching Aravind’s house, Abhi sees Abhinaya. Abhinaya introduces herself as Shruti. Both exchange their opinions.

Meanwhile, Abhinaya reveals Abhi that she is not Shruti and she was just ‘duping’ her. Still, Abhi expresses his love for Abhinaya. Slowly, Abhinaya too falls for Abhi.

Out of the blue, police arrests Abhiram acting on the complaint lodged by Abhinaya. Why Abhinaya has complained against her love Abhi? What transpires next forms the story.

Performances :

Tarun is at his best. Without a doubt, once again he has pulled off his role with very ease. He performs very well in romantic, comedy scenes. His dialogues, mannerisms, antics all work in favour of the film.

Ovia is cute and has a substantial role. Her role Abhinaya has a direct connection to the story. This makes one of the strong and significant characters in the film.

Khayyum, Chitti Babu and all others have done their parts well. Manchu Manoj does a splashy cameo in the film. It came out very well.

Plus Points:

Tarun’s Acting

Pre-Interval Twist

Pre-Climax Twist




Second Half

Minus Points:

Too Many Punch Dialogues


Debutante directors Ramesh and Gopi have written a love story with interesting twists and fun. The directors have nicely infused fun in the serious romantic drama. The conflict point is the heroine’s disease and this was suspense till pre-climax. This has been dealt well. The songs are very pleasant and shot very well against picturesque backgrounds. Twists are well written and make the story moving. Dialogues are good. But it would be better, had the writers avoided too many punch liners. Cinematography deserves special mention. While the film’s first half is okay, the film’s biggest strength lies in its second half where the actual story is revealed.

On the whole, Tarun has done a nice job and so Ovia. The film is a time-pass romantic entertainer. The title ‘Idhi Naa Love Story’ is very apt for the film.

Final Verdict:

Idhi Na Love Story has its moments. The film’s soul lies in its story. It is a decent youthful romance. Go for it. Try this film once for Tarun.

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