Here Is About Vikram Aditya’s Nanditha Vasudev

There are many cyber crimes going on in our world. Previously there was a Russian who had installed a horrific game called Blue Whale, where people were given the most dangerous tasks.

Similarly director Vikram Aditya has helmed a short film called Nanditha Vasudev. This film is about a girl, who was humiliated by her seniors in college which lead to her demise. The girl, Nanditha Vasudev later becomes an invisible energy and haunts the ones who were the reason of her demise. She hacks the accused people online and commits various crimes.

Vikram Aditya helmed this film in order to convey about the negative side of social media. Indeed, we think social media is the one which connects people but also the source that can ruin people’s lives.

Vikram Aditya has been a YouTuber since 2 years. He has always been a person with various opinions on different topics. What’s interesting is, Vikram’s opinions are showcased and he uses the powerful social media to convey them.

Watch Nanditha Vasudev today and let us know what you think by commenting below.

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