2 Countries Telugu Movie Review

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2 Countries Telugu Movie Review

Sunil is one talented actor who has proved his mettle as both comedian and hero. He joined hands with director N. Shankar, who has directed films such as Jayam Manadera and Jai Bolo Telangana. Shankar chose to do a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster 2 Countries that grossed over Rs 55 Crore for his comeback after 6 years. Manisha Raj and Sunil essayed the roles of Mamta Mohandas and Dileep respectively.

Read our verdict on the Telugu remake of 2 Countries.


Ullas Kumar (Sunil) is a jobless youth in Venkatapuram. He is so greedy, he can do anything for money even if it would cause trouble for his family. Ullas neither respects his family nor loves them (father Chandramohan, elder brother Krishna Bhagawan.) Yet, his family puts up with him.

Since Ullas was drowning in all the debts he made and was incapable of repaying them, he decides to get married. He gets married to Patel’s (Sayaji Shinde) sister (a physically challenged girl) to overcome his financial woes and settle in life.

When all was going well, Ullas decides to contest in elections. Naturally, this decision of his is also driven by his greed for money. He demands money from the candidates by threatening them that he would divide their votes. His plan succeeds. At this juncture, he gets to know about a US match Laya (Manisha Raj).

Laya and Ullas have a childhood connection. He cheats Laya by claiming he loves her immensely from her childhood. While Ullas was doing this for money, Laya falls for his tricks. However, Ullas and Laya end up getting married. Only after marriage does Ullas learn about Laya’s alcohol addiction. She is so addicted, she can’t pass a day without consuming liquor.

Since Ullas’s family does not entertain consuming alcohol, he decides to take her to the US – away from his own family. Things start getting worse between Ullas and Laya. They start hating each other and as days passed, the distance between them only grew.

The rest of the story is about how Ullas and Laya patch up their differences and eventually lead a happy life.


As usual, Sunil delivered a very entertaining performance. He tickles the funnybones of audience. Srinivasa Reddy joins Sunil as his childhood friend and the duo’s antics work well.

Manisha is good and she did a very job as Laya. Her looks and acting skills, both are on point. Naresh, Chandramohan, Krishna Bhagawan, Raja Ravindra and Jhansi, all of them performed well.

Plus Points:


Sunil & Manisha’s camaraderie

Pre-Climax scenes

Minus Points:

First half seems dragged

Too many punch dialogues



Differences between married couple has became quite common these days, especially among the newly-weds. Shankar chose this interesting point and tried to tell it in an entertaining way. Though he took a long time in establishing the greedy characterization of Ullas, the real story begins only in the latter half where the couple start living in the US. Pre-climax and climax scenes work well. Yes, the film has its own share of flaws, but the end justifies the means.

Well, the film is strictly catered to the masses who enjoy Sunil’s one-liners. Others may just give it a try for Sunil.

Final Verdict:

2 Countries is a laughter riot with a message for newly wed couples. Watch it for Sunil!


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