A Life Time Experience To Haleem Khan!

Who would think that a man from a Muslim community will create wonders in Kuchipudi???

He was invited by the State Governor for an event conducted on the 24th of December. Guess what?! He met the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind. Normally we see President falicitating the achievers from all fields in India. But President meeting someone personally is something which draws everyone’s attention.

Whom did the President meet?

He is none other than Haleem Khan! The Ongole born lad, is a well known classical dancer and an actor. He had acted in films like Nuvvila and Ame Atadaite. Haleem is now coming up in a negative role for the film, Konapuramlo Jarigina Katha. 

Honestly, not many people get the privilege to attend such a prestigious event. But Haleem proved that passion takes you places where you have never ever dreamt of being before.

Haleem is an inspiration for those people, who want to showcase their talents to the world and not bound by any caste or creed. A German author, L.R. Johnson wanted to introduce Haleem to the world by writing his biography. This book is titled as “To Dance Or Not To Dance.”

When Haleem gave his nod to the author regarding the book, the dancer was asked what influenced Johnson to write the book. Haleem replied like this,”In my opinion, may be three factors influenced him to write the book which include social, financial and religion aspects. My dance of female impersonation influenced him more. I thought the book will inspire many more to break boundaries to choose different fields.”

Congratulations Haleem!

Here is the post that Haleem put up on Facebook.


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