Adhirindhi Movie Review

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Adhirindhi Movie Review

Adhirindhi Movie Review is Here

Vijay-starrer Mersal has been a runaway hit in Tamil. The film has also invited a lot of controversies. This naturally made it one of the most anticipating films in the current season. The film has finally overcome the censor troubles and released today.

Has the film lived upto all its hype? Yes, it did for the most of the extent. Without further due, check out our detailed analysis on the film.
Story :
Bhargav (Vijay) is a people-friendly doctor. He offers his services to patients at as less as Rs 5. This made him a hero and a man of masses. He is off to France to receive an international award for being humanitarian and serving people selflessly.
Bhargav is insulted in the airport by the immigration officials who mistakes him due to his dress (traditional dhoti and shirt). That’s when he treats an emergency in the airport and proves his prowess.
Soon after the award ceremony, a small tiff happens between Bhargav and a reputed doctor Arjun George (Hareesh Peradi), this leads to interesting turn of events.
Vijay (Vijay) enters the scene as a renowned magician and kills Ajun George publicly in the magic show. Arjun is the man of Daniel (SJ Suryah). The film shifts to Hyderabad.
Who are Vijay and Bhargav? What is their story? Why Vijay is on a killing spree?
Vijay delivers a flawless acting. Playing three different roles and showing variation is not easy. But he did pull it off with ease. Especially the father role Vijay Bhargav alias Dalapathi and doctor Bhargav are quite impressive. However, it is Vijay around whom the entire story revolves.
Kajal, Samantha have little scope. Despite the less screen presence, they shine in the roles. Relatively, Nithya Menon has a better role. Vadivelu (Bhargav’s Compounder & Vijay’s friend), Sathyaraj (police inspector Ratnavelu) all have played perfect characters.
After stealing the show in Spyder, SJ Suryah is back as baddie. He is crooked yet again. And he did justice to it.
Plus Points
Racy First Half
Vijay’s Acting
Powerful Scenes
AR Rahman’s Music
Minus Points
Few lags in Second Half
After standing up for drought-hit farmers in Kaththi (remade into Telugu as Khaidi No. 150) and fighting on violence against women in Theri (dubbed into Telugu as Police), Vijay has turned into a crusader who combats corrupt medical practitioners in Adhirindhi.
Right from the word go, it is Vijay’s show. Writer-director Atlee has conceived several powerful scenes that sheds light on the dark side in medical treatments. The first-half is racy, edge-of-seat thriller. Scenes such as a poor girl’s death tug at heartstrings. Rahman’s BGM & Vishnu’s camera work did create magic. Visuals are appealing.
Nithya Menon spellbinds with her acting. Although elaborate flashback, it strengthens the emotion in the film. Atlee hasn’t missed out any logic. Vijayendra Prasad and Atlee’s screenplay work in favour of the film. Vijay and SJ Suryah’s face-off is good. By and large, Adhirindhi is a well-made film with a social cause. The film educates us over the loopholes in the clinical industry.
Adhirindhi is simply superb. It is a nice commercial package with a thought-provoking social message. This is a must-watch. Watch it for Vijay.


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