Chay-Sam’s Fairy Tale Wedding Will Melt Your Heart!

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Chay-Sam’s Fairy Tale Wedding Will Melt Your Heart!

Finally! Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu tied the knot on the 6th of October 2017 and we couldn’t be happier. This day became the talk of the town for everybody in the Telugu speaking states. A lot of celebrities took to Twitter to convey their wishes to the newly wed couple. Here are a few images from their fairy tale wedding that will make you go gaga!

Now, let us go through their wedding, ritual by ritual, and witness how these two souls came together to become one entity!

1. So here, we have Chay looking extremely handsome and Samantha, gorgeous as ever. This is Chay walking towards Sam and admiring how beautiful she looks as his bride. His desire to finally be with his wife is evident in his smile!


2. The Thera Chala ritual, right before the muhurtam. Look at Sam, eagerly waiting for the cloth to go down so she can finally see the love of her life!


3. Finally! The Jeelakarra-Bellam ceremony, the most important one in a Telugu wedding. With this ritual at the muhurtam time, Chay and Sam became a married couple! Just look at the glow on their faces.


4. Here they are, glowing faces and beaming smiles, with a realization that all this is really happening!


5. At last, Chay tied the knot with the love of his life, or rather, tied the three sacred knots! This is the muhurtam of the Mangalasutra Dharana ritual, another very important ritual in our weddings. Notice how genuinely happy and content Sam looks!


6. This is the Akshintalu ceremony where the bride and groom exchange garlands. After this, everybody comes forward to congratulate the couple and bless them.


7. Chay and Sam are prepping up for the Thalambralu ceremony and it looks like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Their happiness is clearly evident.


8. Here is the Thalambralu ceremony, an extremely fun ritual! In this, the couple starts of with sprinkling akshintalu on each other which eventually develops into a fun game! This picture captures the essence of pure joy!


9. Now this is what I call picture perfect! This picture managed to capture all her reactions in such a beautiful manner. Sam looks beautifully vulnerable in her state of mixed emotions. This is the ceremony of Appagintalu, where the bride is traditionally handed off to the groom.


THIS is what pure magic is and I am sure, each and every person will agree with me when I say so. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya complete each other as though they were missing pieces of a puzzle, she is the yin to his yang.

Our hearty congratulations to the dreamy couple and we wish them all the very best for their beautiful fairy tale ahead! This is just the beginning of their happily ever after and they have a long long way to go!


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