Manchu Vishnu’s Comments About Movie Reviewers

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Have you seen Manchu Vishnu’s Twitter post on this 27th ? This post says about the Dhee star indirectly supporting Jr. NTR. Jr. NTR has given a speech at Jai Lava Kusa success meet regarding the reviewers misguidance to the audience.

Commenting on this context, Manchu Vishnu said, “When a movie is watched with attention, correct review can be given. Respectable reviewers do not give updates while watching a movie.”

Well, Vishnu indicated that he is only opposed against reviewers providing live updates about movies. Honestly, all these comments of stars whether taken or not but should be considered positively.

Everyone of us is indeed, free to opinionate and throw our perseptions into the spotlight, in the right manner.

Well Said Vishnu!


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