25 Episodes Of Frustrated Woman

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Do you remember the little girl in Ammoru?

She was a famous child actor in Tollywood. Then, she went on to become a voiceover artiste in a social media company. Sunaina, previously did a voiceover for a spoof on Kiliki language from Baahubali. This spoof went viral, and received more than 2 million views.

Hence, Sunaina’s hype on the web spread like a forest fire. Furthermore, this artiste came up with the idea of Frustrated Woman. This web series is about all those women who resist themselves from venting their anger in public. Sunaina thought of highlighting this emotion in a comical way.

Therefore, Sunaina begun this series and eventually it went on to be a big hit. What’s more! Sunaina has successfully completed 25 episodes of Frustrated Woman on Khelpedia channel, YouTube.

Here’s the glimpse of all the 25 glorious episodes.

Episode 1- Frustrated Woman – Frustration of a Working Woman –
This episode portrays issues of a married working woman and how she manages to balance her roles. Watch the video to know more.

Episode 2- Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Girl Friend –
If you are somebody’s girlfriend relate yourself to this frustrated girlfriend. This video shows the problems faced by girls and their boyfriends

Episode 3 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Pregnant Wife –
Pregnancy is quite tough for women, watch the video to know how this frustrated woman tackles pregnancy.

Episode 4 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Doctor Vs Pregnant Women –
Doctors ask the most weirdest questions from their patients. This video is yet another illustration of the frustrated lady who entertains his client’s questions on pregnancy.

Episode 5 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated MOTHER Vs TEENAGE Daughter –
Like mother, like daughter. But is it the other way, like father, like son? Watch the video to know what’s the frustration between a mother and a teenage daughter.

Episode 6 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Indian NRI Woman –
This episode tells us how an NRI is living with the culture of U.S.A.

Episode 7 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Teacher –
Watch how this frustrated woman reacts with her students.

Episode 8 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Hostel Warden –
Did you recently shift to another city in search of a job? This episode brings out the frustrated hostel warden.

Episode 9 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Pregnant Woman About her HEAVY Body Weight –
After pregnancy, women have a lot of issues with their body weight. This frustrated woman lists her problems in the most comic manner.

Episode 10 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on BAN on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes –
Watch how this frustrated woman makes payments to workers, milkmen, laundry men, etc.

Episode 11 – Frustrated Woman on her Husband –
Check out the Frustrated Pregnant Woman takes her frustration on her husband and how their families expect child immediately after marriage.

Episode 12 – Frustrated Woman on her neighbour –
Frustrated Woman takes her frustration on her neighbours and how they come and disturb her and her husband.

Episode 13 – Frustration on maid –
Frustrated Woman takes her frustration on her MAID and how her maid unexpectedly takes leaves, how she charges Extra Money.

Episode 14 – Frustration on love & Valentine’s Day –
Frustrated Woman takes her frustration on her Velantine’s Day and how Couples in Love behave and celebrate..

Episode 15 – Frustration on Women’s Day –
This frustrated Woman talks about how girls are being teased, Women’s Life after Marriage, how people Differentiate between a Boy and a Girl etc.

Episode 16 – Frustration on Summer Holidays –
Frustrated Woman Telugu Comedy WEB Series, Frustrated Mother talks about why schools give 2 months of Summer Vacation to Kids, the difficulties faced by parents etc.

Episode 17 – Frustration on Mother’s Day –
This frustrated Woman talks about today’s children behaviours and circumstances that give rise to anger.

Episode 18 – Frustration on apartment Secretary role –
Frustrated Woman talks about the difficulties she has to go through with the Apartment’s Association, problems with the Security, issues with flat owners etc.

Episode 19 – Frustration on Miser Husband –
Frustrated Woman Telugu Comedy Web Series, this Frustrated Woman talks about the problems she faces at home with her Miser Husband who calculates and does not spend money.

Episode 20 – Frustration on school fees –
Frustrated woman talks about Today’s Children and their education system, fees charged by Schools, expenses spent by parents on their Kids etc.

Episode 21 – Frustration on student’s reading & writing skills in Telugu language –
Frustrated Woman Talks about Today’s School Students’ Reading & Writing Skills In Telugu Language.

Episode 22 – Frustrated Home Maker –
Frustrated Woman Takes out her frustration on being a House Wife, problems at home, multiple responsibilities she goes through in her daily life etc.

Episode 23 – Frustration on GST bill –
Frustrated woman on high GST in our country.

Episode 24 – Frustration on smartphones –
Frustrated Woman Talks about how smartphones became a mandatory part of our life.

Episode 25 – Frustration about Vloggers –
Frustrated Woman Talks about what all she has to go through for making a video.

Our hearty congratulations to Sunaina for completing awesome 25 episodes of Frustrated Woman.


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