Rana Daggubati’s Social Characters Revealed!

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Social is an upcoming digital fiction that features Rana Daggubati as a protagonist. It is a series that talks about social media and the ghastly consequences it has on the lives of today’s youth. This show covers the vast concept of Cyber crime and how it has the potential to ruin a common man’s life. Social will launch on the 8th of September 2017, exclusively on Viu India.

This show also features Priya Banerjee, Aradhana Uppal, Abdul Razzaq, Moin Khan and Preeti Asrani in crucial roles. It is the story of 4 individuals who come together to find a missing girl. Here are the character sketches of the important characters in Social.

Chaand is a very normal guy who works at the hardware store. He has a lot of talent with all kinds of technical stuff. He is a regular guy and just like everybody else, he has high hopes and aspirations. His aim is to go to the US and settle down as a rich man and succeed in life. However, due to some unfortunate incidents, he finds himself in the middle of a situation he cannot escape. The series goes on to show how he solves the issue at hand and gets out of it.

The second character to be revealed is that of Prithvi. He is a very talented guy who is extremely good at his work. However, he is very shy and an introvert who does not make friends. Prithvi also prefers to follow life in a very organized manner. When an unfortunate incident strikes, he has to struggle to overcome his anxiety and fears to find a solution. Social goes on to show how he overcomes all of it to solve the burning issue at hand.

The third character to be revealed is that of Myra, a struggling actress. She has a deep passion for acting and is ready to leave no stone unturned to achieve her goal. From the trailer, we can see she is very cautious to get involved in the crucial issue in Social. The show tries to depict her journey from a struggling actress to someone who gets deeply involved in a situation she cannot avoid.

Last but not the least, we have the character sketch of our one and only Rana Daggubati, the protagonist. He plays the role of Vikram, a mastermind and the CEO of the biggest social media company. He is the voice of the change in this series. From the trailer, we can see he plays the role of an intelligent man. His character is the most intriguing one in Social. He plays the lead who helps all the other characters solve the case.

To know more about the show and the characters in it, stay tuned to #SocialSeries. Here are the links to the social media platforms for this series.


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