5 Reasons To Watch Kala Varam Aaye

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Kala Varam Aaye is an upcoming Telugu drama film starring debut actors Sanjay, Vibeesh and Priyanka Jawalkar. The movie is directed by Sampath V. Kumar and co produced by Shyam Suneel Vamaraju, Ravi Guthula and Janapareddy Muralikrishna. Bharath Sankar composed the music for this film. Kala Varam Aaye is scheduled to release this weekend, on the 21st of July 2017.
In the movie, Raghav, the protagonist suffers from a disorder where he dreams every time he falls asleep and discusses about it. But one morning he wakes up and he cannot remember what happened at all. The movie is his struggle to figure out what is happening, what is real and what isn’t and the journey of how he gets back his long lost love.
Here are a few reasons why Kala Varam Aaye is a must watch.

1. Don’t miss the beginning: For most movies, it is fine even if we miss like the first 10 minutes of the movie because we can catch up later. But for Kala Varam Aaye, the beginning is very crucial and a must watch. That shapes the entire story. So make sure you reach the theaters before time.

2. Climax twists: What is a movie without any twist in the climax? Speaking frankly, that is the whole point of a climax. In Kala Varam Aaye, you will see the most thrilling climatic twist ever and it will blow your mind. Of course we won’t reveal what it is, go watch the movie.

3. Different Genre: This movie is anticipated to give the feel of a psychological thriller. We can see from the trailer itself that Kala Varam Aaye is a completely different from regular Telugu cinema. This movie will promise you thrill and curiosity as to what is going to happen.

4. New Actors: Kala Varam Aaye is a movie will all first timers, be it actors, directors or producers. Just the thought that a movie with a completely new set of individuals is attempting a film in a completely different genre. That requires a lot of talent and courage. How these new comers will make their place in the industry especially with a new story, is something worth watching.

5. Makes you think: Unlike most movies, Kala Varam Aaye is a movie that will make you bite your nails and think hard. You cannot sit back and think okay, I will relax. This movie requires thinking and attention. In today’s world when most movies are made just for the audience to relax and not think of anything else, this movie enables you to think and try to figure out what is going on, making it all the more exciting.

Here are a few reasons why you should not miss Kala Varam Aaye. In case you have anything else to add, please feel free to contact us about and do share your experience of watching the movie!

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