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One of the popular producers in Tollywood is Dil Raju. He never compromises to present a good film and in all his projects, Dil Raju gives more value to family relations and emotions. Like in reel life, he is a complete family man in real life too. But unfortunately, he was shattered into pieces with the demise of his wife Anitha.

In a recent interview, Producer Dil Raju spoke his heart out. He said, “I suddenly got a call from my son in law when I was in America. He delivered me the news and I was just stunned and in silence for next ten minutes. I could not understand anything around me.”

Sharing about that moment, Dil Raju explained that he wanted to grab something to hold and get support at that time. Harish Shankar, who is a close aide of Dil Raju called him saying that his daughter needs him, as she was not in a position to talk. “I got on the next plane available, but I was completely heart broken at that time. All the memories of good and bad times I spent with my wife flashed in front of my eyes,” shares Dil Raju with teary eyes.

Since it’s not allowed to make calls on a flight, he was in touch with his family through WhatsApp. “Surprisingly, after knowing my situation, my daughter recuperated herself and took care of me. I don’t know how could she find that strength but she tried to be my support. When I was near to my house, I was broken down completely. It is my daughter who took me to my wife’s dead body.”

Revealing about the hard phase he is going through, Dil Raju shared that seeing an empty chair without his wife at the dining table, troubles him a lot. “She never used to wakes up in the middle of the night for my send off whenever I traveled late in the night. But the day before she passed away, she woke up and sent me off. That is the last time she spoke to me and that morning she cooked some pav bhaji for me and that’s the last meal she ever made for me. I need to come out of this, I know but it is not easy at all,” Dil Raju said.

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