Karthik Leaks About Suchi

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#SuchiLeaks, this was something which has given sleepless nights to many actors in the industry. This hashtag was literally trending on Twitter. Was the account really hacked or was it Suchitra herself who has released those pictures is still a mystery. Suchitra’s husband said that she was mentally ill and she was not doing it on purpose. Actors like Rana have also recently responded to these tweets and said that he is not bothered about any such kind of news and they would not impact him in any way. After all this big drama, Suchi who is the main character went missing all of a sudden.

To everyone’s shock, her dear husband Karthik has posted a video on his social media page. He said that he was chilling in the USA and he is also writing his new comedy special which would be releasing this September. But before we could think about what this is going to be about, he tilted the camera towards his bed where we can see his wife Suchi there (Suchitra) reading a book. He ends the video with a wide mouth laughter saying Take A Wild Guess!

Now we absolutely have no clue about what this couple is up to, but finally, after watching this video, we know where Suchi is! So now can we call this as Karthik’s leak about Suchi?

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