M.M. Keeravani Shocks The Industry With Series Of Tweets Again

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When something reaches to an extreme point it will burst out. It is the same with human beings too. Right now it is the legendary musician M.M. Keeravani who is letting out his frustrations and anyone reading his sensational tweets can understand this. Few hours before the Baahubali 2 pre-launch event, he took social media and made a few sensational tweets on his Twitter account. Before we could get over it, he made a few more tweets again today.

Today it was all about the famous lyricist Anantha Sriram. Keeravani earlier said that Telugu lyrics are bedridden after the demise of the late Veturi. He said that most of the directors who he had worked with are brainless because they never took his feedback. Now after looking at his tweets again, it is understood that he feels that the writers are being underpaid.

He also clarified saying that Anantha Sriram wanted to quit writing because he felt that there is no recognition for real and true writers. After watching a legend saying all this the entire Industry and the audience are in a deep shock.

Besides Anantha Sriram, the music director also took a dig at himself and tweeted that he is the one who doesn’t have a brain in the industry.

Also, requested the audience to correct him .

Shockingly, he openly confessed that he supports nepotism. Keeravani also tweeted that Chandrabose is his brother in law and wrote many songs for him, that’s why he likes him.

Taking back his recent comments on lyricists, and called himself as old, for tweeting such words about them.

Keeravani also tweeted more about Tamma Bharadwaja and tagged him as his well wisher. Keeravani said that he brainwashed him and advised him about his early comments against lyricsts and directors.

Well, he ended all this, with just one tweet, in which he is said that Rajamouli is angry with him, as there is some work left regarding Bahubali: The Conclusion.

Where did this all start from? What is the actual reason behind all this? When will it come to an end? There is buzz that someone has hacked the account of Keeravani. Well, we have to wait and see what is going to happen next.

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