When we look at the map of India, we are located in the south which lies at the bottom of the map. We are popularly called as ‘People down South.’ But thanks to people like S.S. Rajamouli and Shankar who always make us feel proud just because of the efforts of people like this we are on top and not at the bottom.

“Baahubali 2” is trending on top Worldwide, Rajinikanth’s “2.0” is something to which everyone all around the World are looking forward. By saying this I am not pointing at anyone but I am just trying to say that we are no less than others. We are equally talented to give a tough competition anywhere.

“Baahubali 2” the sequel to “Baahubali directed by S.S. Rajamouli and “2.0” the sequel to “Robo,” directed by Shankar are the 2 very prestigious projects that the whole world is waiting for. Now, this is what is called action speaking louder than words.

This is just the beginning, in fact, there is a lot more coming from down South which will surely leave you guys praising the stuff coming from the SOUTH!

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