15 Things You Did Not notice In Baahubali 2 Trailer

15 things you did not notice in Baahubali2 trailer

After watching the Telugu Trailer of “Baahubali 2” I take complete pride of calling this as My Telugu Film. All these days we used crazy words like magnum opus and visual wonders to describe this film, but now after watching the trailer there are no words to describe it, the trailer speaks for itself! It has just been 8 hours since the trailer has been released and already more than 2 crores people have watched it in different languages. Apart from Rajamouli and the cast on the screen, there are 5 important people who deserve equal applause. Cinematographer K.K. Senthil Kumar, visual effects designer Kamala Kannan, music director M.M. Keeravani and the producers Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. Without them, this film is just not possible. They are the strong 5 invisible pillars of this magnum opus

Now, after watching it over a 100 times, I just came out of the happiness and found out a few very interesting visuals in the trailer. These bits give us a lot of scope to think and guess how will this movie be. Let us check out the interesting elements from the trailer and guess what could have been the reasons behind them.

The trailer started off with Prabhas’s powerful voice, which made all of us get goosebumps. The promise which he made to his people as a king was heart touching.

Whose hand is it?
A lot of pain can be sensed behind this scene. Is it Rana’s hand bleeding because he did not get to the throne or is it Prabhas’s hand because of some unknown reason?

whose hand is this
Who is touching who’s feet?
Is it Shivagami or Devasena? The lady’s hand who is touching the feet is having blood marks on her hand. Did this lady kill someone to save someone?

who is touching whose feat

The bleeding knife
Is it the sword that Katappa used to kill Baahubali or maybe is it Katappa himself who is walking with this sword full of blood after killing Amarendra Baahubali

the bleading knife
The Baby Promise
Undoubtedly the baby is Shivudu (the younger Prabhas) but who is it holding the baby, to whom is this baby making a promise?


Why Katappa Why?
The biggest question left unanswered till date. What made Katappa kill Baahubali. Did that happen unknowingly or did he stab him because he was ordered by someone from the kingdom?

why kattapa why

Powerful Ramya krishnan
If the baby is Mahendra Baahubali why is Ramya krishnan introducing him? Where is Anushka who is the actual mother? Was Mahendra Baahubali in the war where is has been killed? If you observe this carefully we can observe that Mahishmati kingdom is being burnt in the back. Is the kingdom in trouble? Where is Rana now ???


Love Story
We must accept that Anushka is looking her best. I am sure everyone will fall in love with her and that is why Amarendra Baahubali also is in love with her. After watching this clip we can surely say that this action drama is also going to have some intense romantic touch too.

love story
Internal WAR
We know that the war between Rana and Prabhas is going to be the highlight of the film. The exciting part is Rana will fight with the father as well as with the son. But when we says internal war then it is surely between Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva


Anushka In the Kingdom
Is it after the marriage or is she already a warrior in the kingdom? Her outlook looks young so this could be a sequence where she is seen fighting with external warriors to save the kingdom.

‘Nuvvu naa pakkana unantha varaku nannu champe magaadu puttaledhu mama’
The best dialoge of the trailer. When Mama is around nobody can touch the king but sadly the MAMA himself had to kill him. Why did you do this Katappa Mama?


Power Packed Rana
True visual of a perfect villain. He would do anything, he would go till any extent to be the king. He would fight no matter how hard it is, but he is just too determined.


How can we  miss Avantika? Looks like she is back to the war phase and not the glamor one. This will surely be her career’s best performance. But the question here is with whom is she fighting and why?


After Murder Discussion
Katappa’s head is hanging down, Baahubali is frustrated. This conversation between Prabhas and Satyaraj will give us our answer about why he killed him? Will Baahubali forgive him? Will Katappa accept his mistake? or is he being loyal to the kingdom by doing what is said?

Ultimate Terrific Climax
Rajamouli himself said that this is the climax shot. If a glimpse itself is so intense imagine the entire war sequence? It would be larger and bigger than the climax of the first part. It is the time that the son takes revenge on Bhallaladeva? Now, what could have been the revenge? How did they both face each other? Is it because of Devasena or Amarendra Baahubali?


I have my set of doubts. What about you guys? It is just so difficult to wait till 28th of April. After watching this trailer It is just uncontrollable. Rajamoulii please see if you can prepone this film we cannot wait anymore. I am sure this film, Our Telugu Film is going to re-write the history of Indian cinema. It is our privilege indeed to witness such wonders happening with this larger than life film.


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