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Kanupapa Movie Review,Kanupapa Telugu Movie Review,Kanupapa Review

Here is the Kanupapa Movie Review

Intro: Mohanlal is on a winning spree. After making an impressive comeback with “Manamantha,” the versatile actor has won hearts with his performance in “Janatha Garage,” and continued his success streak with “Manyam Puli.” All eyes now are on his latest offering “Kanupapa,” the Telugu dubbed film of his super hit “Oppam.” Since the film had been in news for all the right reasons and marks the comeback of talented filmmaker Priyadarshan, expectations are good on “Kanupapa.” Has the film lived upto its expectations? Check out our review.

Story: Jairam  played by Mohanlal, works as a lift operator in a gated community. Though he is visually impaired, he is so smart that he could recognize a person’s identity through their smell. He is so good at sensing an object or human through their sounds.

Jairam is close to Krishnamurthy (Nedumudi Venu,) who is a retired Supreme Court judge staying in one of the flats in the apartment. Krishnamurthy seeks Jairam’s help in his affairs. Jairam is the guardian of Krishnamurthy’s daughter (or so they say) Nandini, who is studying in a far away missionary hostel.

Due to one of the verdicts he had given as a judge, Krishnamurthy is haunted by a criminal Vasudev (Samuthirakani) who wants to take revenge.


Mohanlal is the film’s biggest asset. He is the selling point for the film in Telugu. He got under the skin of Jairam’s role very well. As a visually challenged guy, Mohanlal gives a flawless performance. Samuthirakani acts on par with Mohanlal. Director Priyadarshan has recruited a good cast for the film who have done a pretty good job. Even the small characters in the film did showcase good performances. Baby Meenakshi as Nandini deserves special appreciation for her work.




Predictable Story
Several Loose Ends
Cinematic Liberties
Slow Narration

Kanupapa Movie Review Final Verdit:

“Oppam” dubbed into Telugu, as “Kanupapa,” revolves around three central characters – Jairam, Vasudev (a psycho) and Nandini ( an innocent girl).

First things first. The dubbing was done well. Kudos to the producers who released the film in Telugu with sound technical aspects.

However, the film struggles with its pace. The film’s sluggish narrative make you relax in your seat and enjoy popcorn and at times. The first half is elaborate and tiring though it helps in establishing the many characters that are not so connected with the main theme of the film.

Blame it on the predictable story coupled with several loose ends. The director has conveniently taken several cinematic liberties and that put you off for missing logic.

For instance, when a murder of a prominent personality is occurs, cops don’t even check the CCTV footage of the apartments.

The portrayal of police personnel as dumb and empty-headed is the film’s big letdown. Never in the entire trail, the cops suspect the real culprit who had a criminal past. The criminal walks free around them and the cops are so clueless about it. This invites fun. Post interval, the film picks up the pace and raises the curiosity level.

Yet, the best part of the film is that it has its heart in the right place. Watch the movie for Mohanlal. Won’t regret after watching its second half. If you are a fan of crime thrillers, “Kanupapa” is your cup of tea.

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