Mahesh Wants To Be Aamir Khan in Telugu

Not many know that Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu is keen to do experimental films like Aamir Khan does in Bollywood. In fact, Mahesh wants to break the mold and try something different like Mr. Perfectionist Aamir, but it’s not materializing as high budgets are at stake and producers are taking huge risk, Mahesh at times is stepping back.

This was divulged by none other than director Jayanth C. Paranjee who shares a very good rapport with Mahesh, although he directed only one film “Takkari Donga” with him.

“Mahesh, Namrata are very good friends. Mahesh keep asking me to bring some very nice love story. Even Namrata asks for a nice Yash Raj kinda love story,” revealed Jayanth.

Since Jayanth stays exactly opposite to Mahesh’s house, Mahesh at times visists Jayanth’s house in track pants and Jayanth too visit Mahesh’s house in Pyjamas.

One has to admit with Jayanth’s statement as it’s not easy for stars to come out of their image and try experiments. In fact, it can be noted that Mahesh did try with “One-Nenokkadine” but that failed.

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