Viva With Varma, ‘Idi Vangaveeti Kathi’

Viva With Varma, 'Idi Vangaveeti Kathi'
Viva With Varma, 'Idi Vangaveeti Kathi'

Ram Gopal Varma has been making headlines these days. The recently conducted Shiva To Vangaveeti event was a grand success. The event was conducted as a tribute to R.G.V., for his contributions to the Indian cinema. This exclusive interview by Viva Harsha brings out many revelations.

Do you use Facebook and Twitter as rough books? Well, Ram Gopal Varma uses it as rough books, so says Viva Harsha, who interviewed Ram Gopal Varma on his recently released film “Vangaveeti.” In this interview, Viva Harsha asks numerous questions to Ram Gopal Varma. R.G.V., also talks about Pawan Kalyan,

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R.G.V., was brought up in Vijayawada, where he did his graduation. Talking about “Vangaveeti,” he said he had witnessed few of incidents of the political turmoil which took place way back in the 1980s. In fact, he said that he was a small time rowdy in his college days.

Watch the video to know whether “Vangaveeti” is R.G.V.’s last film and what he says about Pawan Kalyan.

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