Dil Raju Replaced PVP

Mahesh Babu‘s twenty-fifth film that will be helmed by Vamsi Paidipalli is not going to be produced by PVP Cinemas as reported. Yes, you heard that right! Well, that’s what we just heard. Read on to know more.

As per our sources, Mahesh has reportedly called in Dil Raju and Aswini Dutt to bankroll this film that was earlier planned under PVP banner.

Mahesh promised to do another film for PVP Cinemas post the failure of Brahmotsavam. Keeping his word, Mahesh decided to do Vamsi Paidipalli’s film for PVP Cinemas that has bankrolled the director’s previous film Oopiri.

When everything was going as per plan, PVP has allegedly demanded Vamsi to sign a deal that he would do his next film also under their production. Vamsi wasn’t happy with it and told Mahesh Babu that he can’t do this film for PVP.

Mahesh who is impressed with Vamsi’s script didn’t want to let go off it. So he called upon Aswini Dutt and Dil Raju to take over the project and also has reportedly settled the dues that he had promised for PVP post Brahmotsavam.

Though it isn’t official, sources say that PVP Cinema is out of it and Mahesh is finally keeping the promise made to Aswini Dutt with this film.


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