Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends Trailer Out

Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends trailer, Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends poster, Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends pictures,
Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends trailer, Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends poster, Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends pictures,

“Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends” is being directed by Bhaskar Bandi and produced by Bekkam Venugopal under Lucky Media banner. ‘Dil’ Raju is releasing the film under his banner, Sri Venkateswara Creations. “Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends” features Hebah Patel, Parvateesam, Noel Sean and Ashwin Babu in the lead roles, who are supported by Tejaswi Madivada and Rao Ramesh in key roles.

Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends” team released the trailer on their official facebook Lucky Media page. Already released motion poster and teaser are very funny and created a more buzz on the film. The trailer of “Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends” is made up of with full comedy scenes, lovable music, and few emotion scenes. “Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends” trailer showcases that the film is very interesting by its concept and design by the director. If Youth connects to the film it would be a superhit film and youth entertainer.

The trailer starts with Rao Ramesh dialogue ” Puttedaka mosedanni Amma antaru.. kani, chachedaka mosevadine Nanna antaru.., ” “Arranged marraige anedhi text book lantidhi aakkada edhi unte aadhi chaduvukovali.. adhe love marraige anukoo notebook lantidi niku yedhi nachithe aadhi rasukovachu… said by Tejaswi Madivada” and ends with again Rao Ramesh dialogue ” Kuthuru korukunte yeamina ichhesthara..? Pranam tahppa yemaina ichesthanu…” are very good. Even the whole story revolves around the Hebah the male leads are also performed well in their respective roles. Director succeed in managing all the emotions in this cute trailer.

Both Hebah Patel and Tejaswi are gorgeous and killing it with their attire. As regularly Rao Ramesh lives in his character as the father of Hebah Patel. The dialogues were written wonderfully and contain a lot of humor.Music by Sekhar Chandra was composed good and catchy tunes for ”Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends”. Chota K. Naidu is the man behind the camera works are very good and he made the movie more beautiful on the screen.The movie makers are to planning to release the movie on 16th December.


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