Araku Road Lo Telugu Movie Review

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Araku Road Lo Movie Review , Araku Road Lo telugu Movie Review, Araku Road Lo Movie public talk,Araku Road Lo Review, Araku Road Lo Movie review and rating,


Puri Jagannath’s brother Sairam Shankar changed his name to Sriram Shankar. He always chooses different scripts to convey something special to Telugu audiences. To date, he had not had a commercial hit. “Araku Road lo” is the upcoming movie of Sriram Shankar and it is a very important film of his career. “Araku Road lo” stars Nikesha Patel as the female lead and is helmed by debut director Vasudev. Abhimanyu Singh, Kamal Kamaraju, and many others are seen in supporting roles.The film is jointly produced by Meka Bala Subramanyam, Bachu Baskar, Vegiraju, Prasad Raju and Nakka Rameshwari. Prabhas released the first song, which created lots of buzz about the movie.

Let us see whether “Araku Road Lo” will give Sriram Shankar the much needed break in his career.

Star Cast : Sri Ram Shanker, Nikesha Patel, Prudhviraj,Abhimanyu Singh,Kamal Kamaraju
Director : Vasudev
Producer : Meka Bala Subramanyam,
Bachu Baskar,
Prasad Raju,
Nakka Rameshwari.
Music Director : Rahul Raj, Vasudeva

“Araku Road Lo” movie revolves around Pothuraju (Sriram Shankar) who trying to get married and settle in life. In search of a good match, he comes to see Nikeesha Patel. The film goes on a serious note after some major twist happened in the movie. The police are investigating about missing lorries and people around Visakhapatnam city. The antagonist played by Abhimanyu Singh blackmails Pothuraju to do some specified job in the favor of himself. How Pothuraju comes out of this issue and what he does to unveil the twist forms the crux of the story.

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Sriram Shankar once again proves that he is very good at time pass mass entertainments. Audiences definitely note his all round performance in all aspects of acting, dancing, comedy timing and fights. Director Vasudev gets the whole credit for showing Sriram Shankar in such an active role in this film. Nikesha Patel suits her character supremely well and ups her glamor quotient. Prudviraj’s comedy as Risk Rasool has a definite note in the movie.

Director Vasudev has chosen the right story and cast for the film. “Araku Road Lo” lead actors Sriram Shanker, Nikesha Patel and other cast are performed well in their respective roles. The first half of the film runs with full hilarious moments with ample entertainment and some thrilling elements to engaged the audience. The major highlight of the first half is comedy sequence and twists. The director managed the interval bang very well and it keeps the curiosity index high for the second half. Some action sequences and emotional scenes in the second half are executed very well. Prudhvuraj’s comedy as Risk Rasool is the right relief in between the long dragged out scenes.

On the other hand, a few dragging scenes, missing entertainment quotient and songs in regular intervals of the time are spoil the audience’s mood. But, it does not show  the impact on the whole movie. Rahul Raj’s and Vasudeva’s music and background scores are good. Cinematography showcases the film in a good light. Production values are pretty good. The story chosen by the director is a bit routine but, the way he has narrated the film is decent.

Positive points :

*Sri Ram Shankar’s acting

*Nikesha Patel’s performance and glamor

*Some interesting twists.

*Comedy scenes.

Minus points :

*Predictable story.

*Few dragging scenes in the second half.

Verdict : “Araku Road lo” was a good story but it has a few dragging screens in the second half. This movie can be watched to pass the time, this weekend.

Final word : On the whole, “Araku Road Lo” is a time pass entertainer.

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