Meet The Amusing Frustrated Woman

Meet The Amusing Frustrated Woman
Meet The Amusing Frustrated Woman

Are you struck by frustration? Watch “Frustrated Woman” a Telugu web series airing on the popular You Tube channel Khelpedia. Actor Sunaina portrays the role of the frustrated woman. In one or another situation in life, you are frustrated. This web series portrays current and sweltry topics in society through this frustrated woman.

This web series’s first episode was launched on 28th of March 2016 and since then it published its 10th episode a week ago. “Frustrated Woman” is going viral on social media. It is evolving to be very popular on YouTube. The first episode, “Frustration of a Working Woman” was published 8 months ago with 2.5 lakh views and the 10th episode which was recently launched a week ago is already viewed by 1.25 lakh viewers.

Here is the list of episodes:

Episode 1- Frustrated Woman – Frustration of a Working Woman –

This episode portrays issues of a married working woman and how she manages to balance her roles. Watch the video to know more.


Episode 2- Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Girl Friend –

If you are somebody’s girlfriend relate yourself to this frustrated girlfriend. This video shows the problems faced by girls and their boyfriends


Episode 3 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Pregnant Wife –

Pregnancy is quite tough for women, watch the video to know how this frustrated woman tackles pregnancy.


Episode 4 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Doctor Vs Pregnant Women –

Doctors ask the most weirdest questions from their patients. This video is yet another illustration of the frustrated lady who entertains his client’s questions on pregnancy.


Episode 5 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated MOTHER Vs TEENAGE Daughter –

Like mother, like daughter. Oops is it the other way, like father, like son? Watch the video to know what’s the frustration between a mother and a teenage daughter.


Episode 6 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Indian NRI Woman –

This episode tells us how an NRI is living with the culture of U.S.A.


Episode 7 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Teacher –

Watch how this frustrated woman reacts with her students.


Episode 8 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Hostel Warden –

Did you recently shift to another city in search of a job? This episode brings out the frustrated hostel warden.


Episode 9 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Pregnant Woman About her HEAVY Body Weight –

After pregnancy, women have a lot of issues with their body weight. This frustrated woman lists her problems in the most comic manner


Episode 10 – Frustrated Woman – Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on BAN on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes –

Watch how this frustrated woman makes payments to workers, milkmen, laundry men, etc.

Viewers expressed their opinions and many of them were appreciating the web series, asking for their choices of ‘Frustration.’ Watch the “Frustrated Woman” now.


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