Aame Athadaithe, Hanish Special Interview With Telugu Filmnagar

Hello, everyone! we are back with yet another special interview of a Tollywood celebrity. This time it is Hanish (Haleem Khan.) Hanish is such a sweet personality with whom you will fall in love after speaking for a few minutes. He is such a kind and humble person.

Hanish is a classical dancer but later became an actor and his latest movie is “Aame Athadaithe” in which he has done a lead role, for the first time. This young actor revealed a few interesting facts about his career in the interview. Scroll down to read the full interview.

Q: Working experience of “Aame Athadaithe?”

A: First of all, it is a dream come true for me. Because I never thought this would happen. Working with Tanikella Bharani Garu, Ali Garu, Suddala Ashok Teja Garu and Bhanu Chander Garu was a great experience with me. I have learned a lot from them. When people like them are supporting me, I found it easy while acting.

Q: You are a classical dancer first and later you made it to acting. How did this happen?

A: Yeah, I am a classical dancer and I was performing in a show in Pakistan. One of my friends, Gauri is involved in the film industry saw me while performing and she had a thought that I could fit into the character which was written by her. Later, I was offered a role in Ravi Babu Garu’s “Nuvvila” and that’s how I made it into acting, (smiles.)

Q: How is it playing a woman in this movie?

A: Yeah, It’s wonderful. This is not the first time I am playing the character of a woman. Being a classical dancer, I have performed several shows as a woman. I knew very well about women and their feelings. I am blessed to know all these through dance. But when it comes to movies, it is a whole new character to play and I enjoyed playing the character of a woman (smiles again.)

Q: How is it working with the director Surya Narayana?

A: It is easy to work with those directors who have a great visual sense and my director have (sic) that. He also supported me when I feel low. I always use to feel that I am not the material of a lead character. But, my director boosted my energy by saying that the one who fits into the story is a lead character. He also says that lead character will not depend on how you look. Words like these from my director Surya Narayana Garu always lifted me. Working with him was a very fortunate experience for me.

Q: You have tried different kind of characters. Which character did you enjoy the most?

A: I enjoyed each and every character that I played. To be frank, I was offered more that 25 films but I have not done all of them because the characters did not excite me. I have done only 4 films because I loved the character which was offered to me. Each character that I played is very different and every character will have a link to the core story of the film. So I like every character and I enjoyed every character.

Q: The experience of working with Chirasree.

A: Well, Chirasree is a good friend of mine. Probably, she is my best friend on the sets. We have worked together for 15 to 20 days and that is a great experience for me. I hope I would get one more chance for acting alongside Chirasree.

Q: Everyone knows you by the name Haleem Khan. But in the titled card, it was shown as Hanish. Have you changed your screen name?

A: Yes, I have changed my screen name to Hanish. Earlier, many of the stars have changed their screen name because of sentimental beliefs. In fact, I don’t believe in all those but I have to respect others feelings. When my producers asked me regarding this screen name, I said nothing except go as per your beliefs.

Q: What is your most watched Telugu movie and why?

A: I have watched “Narasimha” for the most number of times. Because I love Ramya Krishna Garu (sic.) I love her, I love her and I love her,” (with a naughty smile on his face.)

Q: What kind of characters you wish to do. A lead character or a villain?

A: Frankly speaking, I have not thought of becoming a hero and I will not care if I don’t get opportunities in future as a hero. There is no rule that one should continue to do films as a lead character after doing one. I will do every character that excites me, even if it is a lead role or a villain role. I will also play the character of a junior artist if I like it.

Q: What genre of films do you like to do the most?

A: I would like to do all kinds of genres. But personally, I would love to do dance-oriented films because I am a dance lover. I like stories with family oriented concepts also.

Q: Tell us about your next projects.

A: Well, I have portrayed the character of an antagonist in my next project. It was titled as “1:43,” I love the character that I have played in this movie and I am eagerly waiting for the release.


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