Special Interview Of Sumanth With Telugu Filmnagar

Sumanth had a great fun filled live chat session with his fans on his Facebook page. Sumanth answered almost all the questions from his fans, quite spontaneously. Post the live chat session we at thetelugufilmnagar.com had a great interaction with Sumanth and asked him a few questions which weren’t asked before.

Here are the some of those questions that we asked Sumanth, post the live session.

Q: How did Naruda DONORuda happen? Did the director approach with the same concept or did you suggested the remake of “Vicky Donor ?”

A: Yeah…, it was me who suggested the remake of “Vicky Donor.” To extend the answer, I saw this film in 2012 and I have been wanting to do a romantic comedy like “Vicky Donor.” I love romantic comedies and I wanted to do a film in that genre but I wanted it to be edgy. All the writers and directors come to me and they use to pitch stories, and I use to say nachaledu (smiles….) Then they use to ask what kind of stories do you like? Then I use to refer to a story like “Vicky Donor,” but no one could do something like that. Finally, I got tired of waiting for local writers to come up (with) something like that. Fortunately, I knew John Abraham who is the original producer of “Vicky Donor.” He is a good friend of mine, so I went and I spoke to him and that’s how “Naruda DONORuda” happened (smiles again.)

Q: How is working with the young team ?

A: Oh Yeah…, this is probably the youngest team that I have worked with. All the chief technicians are younger to me, the average age of them would be around 30 years. So, I had to be the kind of a guide to them to get everything going. They were bursting with fresh ideas, even in promoting this film, the way they all come up with ideas on how to promote this film and it’s very interesting. It made me feel a lot younger by working with this young team.

Q: Shooting experience of Naruda DONORuda.

A: “Tough, exhausting, and probably the first time that I missed my workout sessions. Because we shot round the clock. So, it’s very very tiring and that’s the only shooting experience for me.

Q: Any words about Pallavi Subash and her performance ?

A: Aah… Pallavi actually did 3 to 4 Marathi films and she has also got experience over 10 years in Hindi Television. She is very classically beautiful and I am surprised by that. I keep on telling her that, “you would have got a break in the South film industry a long time ago”. Pallavi is making her Tollywood debut relatively in the age of 30’s, and for me going and picking out a girl like her is kind of a rarity here and she did perform very well.


Q: What excited you to remake “Vicky Donor” out of many other movies?

A: I had a few choices before “Vicky Donor,” but those films need (sic,) a lot of work in the second half and also the genre of those films is not in the commercial space even in the original language. I wanted to go with a commercial romantic comedy space and I had two choices in this genre. “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” and “Vicky Donor” are the choices and I moved back off “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” because of “Size Zero” it’s already released. “Vicky Donor” was the logical choice as I wanted to do a subject oriented film. So, I choose “Vicky Donor” out of those.

Q: What type of roles do you like to do?

A: I am not fixed with anything. Throughout my career, I have done different kind of roles and you will see a completely different role in “Naruda DONORuda” too. As of now, my dream is to do an author backed negative role (laughs.)

Q: After watching any movie, have you ever thought like if I did this movie it would be good ?

A: “Badlapur” (after a long session of thinking .) I would love to do a character like that. I don’t know if it works here or not but the character just got into me.

Q: Who is your best friend in the industry ?

A: Wow! I have lots of friends. In the industry, I can’t say a single name but most of my real good best friends are not in the industry. And, in the industry my first friend was Mahesh.

Q: Under whose direction you would love to work ?

A: Immediately off the bat, under Rajamouli garu followed by Sukumar garu (smiles.)

Q: Most watched movie ?

A: Aaah…! “The God Father.” Every time it comes on Television I stay at home and watch the movie.

Q: What is your fitness secret?

A: If you want me to be naughty…, I have been blessed with good samples (with a naughty smile followed by a laugh.)

Q: Have you got any offer from any other South film industries?

A: I did, but it wasn’t good enough and I didn’t have a grip over the language. so I moved off from those.

Q: Favorite music director?

A: Ilayaraja garu.

Q: When are you going to do an another sports film?

A: Wow. I would love to do. That’s a damn good question, probably the best so far (smiles.) Sports genre films are my favorite. Someone came up with the idea also and I would love to pursue that and it’s a very interesting thought.

Q: If you have a choice of biopics, whose biopic you would love to do ?

A: Biopics should be dramatic and I would love to do in the biopic of Sr. N. T. Rama Rao Garu.

Q: Tell us about your next projects.

A: Painting my house is my next project (laughs,) and when it comes to film’s, I have a few offers and I need to take time and think about those.

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