Why didn’t Dhoni’s real brother appear in reel life?

Biopics have always been interesting prospects. With the biographical films becoming the flavor of the season, a movie on almost any famous celebrity is getting in on the action. Every on screen adaptation creates curiosity that drives our desire to watch these movies. Both filmmakers and audiences share a fascination with recreations of the past, exploring the lives of those who are either vilified or admired.

The latest biopic which is creating ripples at the box office is “M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story,” based on the life of India’s greatest Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Congratulations to the makers of the biopic “M.S.Dhoni – The untold Story” for entering in to the elite Rs. 100 crore club. The film is turning out to be a massive hit. Neeraj Pandey‘s movies always made headlines and this film is no exception. M.S.Dhoni’s elder brother Narendra Singh Dhoni has not been portrayed in the movie. In a recent interview with his brother, he admits that he wasn’t instrumental in what made his brother Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Narendra is 10 years older to Mahenra. He is an active politician working in the Samajwadi Party. Confessing the fact that the movie was about Dhoni and his struggles, not about the family. When Dhoni picked up the bat for the first time he was away from home since 1991 and completed his higher education at Almora University. Though being far off, whenever he is home, he would watch Dhoni play. Narendra was himself a sportsman in his school days as a footballer and he did represent his school in some local and national competitions. To our surprise, his brother is yet to watch the movie and is much excited like any other fan.

Narendra, further added it may be the director’s choice to not add my part as he wasn’t a productive and a potential character. The director chooses real life incidents and events. Certainly, there is a buzz about his movies not getting facts right. His previous flick “Rustom,” a crime thriller which was based on the famous K.M. Nanavati murder case didn’t showcase their children. “M.S. Dhoni –The Untold Story” did have all the elements which it should be having, Neeraj Pandey has done a splendid job in presenting the movie.

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