Happy Birthday Rekha – The Timeless Beauty

Happy Birthday Rekha - The Timeless Beauty
Happy Birthday Rekha - The Timeless Beauty

Rekha Ganeshan, popularly known as Rekha is unarguably the best-looking heroine in the history of Hindi cinema. The gorgeous actress was Bollywood’s ‘Dream Girl,’ Hema Malini-contemporary, but did entirely her own, very different thing. Spirited, energetic and a classical beauty, Rekha became bigger than most heroes of the era.

Though Rekha made her debut as a child artist with the Telugu movie “Rangualratnam,” and appeared in “Amma Kosam” as a heroine, Bollywood was her target, which was an unconquered territory for the south actors. Despite being the daughter of then superstar Gemini Ganeshan, Rekha has to earn name and fame by her own. Being undeterred by the unfavorable circumstances and hardships, Rekha made it big with sheer determination and hard work.

Do Anjane” starring Amitabh Bachan showed Rekha’s potential as an actress and her ability to slip into the skin of the character. The star was on the rise and she went to conquer the unconquered territory, Bollywood and emerged as one of the biggest female superstars of all time. Her meteoric rise to the top exemplifies the will to excel and the unwavering commitment is the key to success. Despite being in her 60’s her beauty has proved to be timeless. Her eyes spoke volumes. Many actors across all the generations have gone on record of being smitten with Rekha. On this day, Rekha turns a year older and on behalf of the telugufilmnagar.com, we wish her the most special, magical birthday ever.

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