Tollywood Stars and their Original Names

It’s a proven fact that names don’t matter and accomplishments do. But, there’s a myth surrounding the name change, especially those belonging to the world of cinema. Telugu cinema has seen the rise of many big name actors over the years. Even years after their departure from the world of cinema, they are worshiped as demigods by their die hard fans, to an extent that they end up naming their children after them. Innumerable Tollywood celebrities have shunned their original names to pursue a career in the glamor world. Many of these actors whom you have known for years have a different original name, which many of us may be completely unaware of. Listed below are a few Tollywood celebrities whose real names will take you by surprise.

Shoban Babu

The king of romance and heartthrob of the 1970’s, Shoban Babu’s real name is Uppu Shobana Chalapathi Rao. Not many of his fans are aware of this fact. The name change paved the way to his unsurpassed stardom.


‘Superstar’ Krishna as he is fondly called is often called as the ‘Daring and Dashing’ hero of his times. In fact, it’s Krishna who changed the face of Telugu cinema by introducing spy thrillers, cowboy films, First 70 mm and several other technical wonders. The movie star’s actual name is Ghattamaneni Shiva Rama Krishna, which was trimmed for the sake of a celluloid career.


Well, the name needs no introduction. ‘Megastar,’ as he is fondly called, Chiranjeevi came as a malestrom the audience were looking for. The youth were regaled by power packed fights and electrifying dances. There is an era, the “Chiranjeevi Era,” named after him– Chiranjeevi is just not a star, an aura himself. The man who stole millions of hearts in Telugu cinema was actually born Siva Shankara Vara Prasad. ‘Chiranjeevi’ is the name of lord Hanuman, which was adopted later by him in reverence to the Lord.

Pawan Kalyan

‘Powerstar’ Pawan Kalyan, was originally named Konidela Kalyan Babu. He later turned Pawan Kalyan after his martial arts representation at an international level. What a difference the name made to his life. The change of identity indeed proved to be extremely lucky for this biggest superstar of the current generation.


With a towering height and well-toned body, Rana is no less of a Hercules. The tall, handsome hunk and the nephew of veteran superstar Venkatesh, is actually named Daggubati Rama Naidu, which is the name of his grandfather, the legendary Rama Naidu. However, the actors shortened it to Rana.


The most bankable and one of the finest actors of the current times, Nani was christened Ghanta Naveen Babu by his family. Yes, that was his original name. Once upon a time an assistant director, Nani is an accidental actor. Nani was his pet name which he changed it to the screen name and now the entire Telugu film fraternity adores him.


Without an iota of doubt, Sridevi is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful actresses to have graced the screens of Indian cinema. An epitome of beauty, who still possesses the same unbeatable charm. She was every man’s dream, she’s the cover girl of all top magazines, she was a sensation, she’s an aura, one of the best beautiful faces ever to grace the Indian cinema. The biggest female superstars of Indian cinema, Sridevi as actually named Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan by her beloved parents.


Jaya Prada,is one of the finest performers and the most beautiful actress of all time. The legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray described Jaya Prada as the ‘Most Beautiful Face on the Indian Screen.’ The actress who ruled the South and Bollywood industries with an unparalleled stardom is actually born as Lalitha Rani.


Popularly known as ‘Sahaja Nati’ (Natural actress) for her portrayal of the characters with great ease, Jayasudha is a bundle of talent. She is recognized as one of the finest Indian film actresses of all time, particularly known for reinforcing a naturalistic style of acting. Known for her memorable roles in flicks like “Premabhishekam”, “Shivaranjani,” and “Kalikaalam,” Jayasudha was Sujatha, prior to becoming a phenomenal south Indian actress.


Regarded as one of the finest actresses of all time, who won millions of hearts with her natural acting skills. She made a place for herself in the male-dominated showbiz only on the basis of her talent. The most t famous and highly acclaimed actress of her times, Soundarya was born as Sowmya.


The sultry siren was Vijaya Lakshmi before she made a sensational entry into the tinsel town. A doppelganger to the most the beautiful diva Divya Bharathi, Rambha stormed on to the film industry with “Aa Okkati Adakku,” in a full fledged role as the heroine.

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