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Director Chandoo Mondeti who tasted success with the debut flick “Karthikeya,” has debunked the myth of the ‘second syndrome’ with the huge success of his second movie, “Premam.”

Recreating something magical for the second time of the same mix is another talent. Chandoo Mondeti had certainly got the right product mix for the movie, “Premam.” Right from casting the right actors to changing the original script, in keeping with the Telugu audience in mind. Chandoo’s film “Karthikeya” was recognized to be one of the noteworthy films of 2014.

The director who took a brief gap before the second movie “Premam,” did not just lift the story line. He did a lot of research before the project materialized. After watching the Malayalam version, he traveled to Cochin to get every aspect right.

The locations of the movie were shot in Vizag and Hyderabad to make the best. Interestingly, Chandoo is an ardent fan of Nagarjuna and was grown up in Chennai. Growing up Chennai, he would have comprehended the Malayalam version quite well, and brought a different essence to the Telugu version. Family always plays a vital role in making a decision of its members. A very emotional Chandoo expressed that his family, though inclined towards teaching profession, they supported them immensely.

Chandoo is having his next three scripts ready and is very excited about it. Initially, Chandoo wanted to make a straight film first, but Naga Chaitanya wanted to make a remake of “Premam” and their efforts paid off well, the result is stunning in the form of a blockbuster, “Premam.”

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