Kaashmora’s Theatrical Trailer Out

kashmora-teaser-out, Kaashmora teaser

Kaashmora’s Theatrical Trailer will give you Heebie-Jeebiesstar. Watch Now

A knight in shining armor. A battle of nerves. “Kaashmora” is here. The trailer is just pompous. The trailer talked it all. We were told many things about the movie being shot by an omnidirectional camera and a “3D Face Scan,” which were used for the first ever a time in a south Indian movie. The trailer is no lesser than the magnum opus “Baahubali.” The actors took no prisoners in performing their roles and were absolutely spellbound. The visual effects of the movie were far beyond imagination. Background score too went well with the visuals, basically, the synchronization was in a balance.

The trailer brings in this question of which movie is bigger. Is it “Baahuaali or Kaashmora?” The perception and visualizing levels are abounded to reach great heights. “Kaashmora” mean “Deadly Spirits.” The film falls under a “Dark Fantasy” movie. It is the third movie of director Gokul. This project is the biggest one of his career until now.

Karthi is definitely turning over a new leaf with this the movie. You’ll be surely taken aback with his bouldering looks. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword. Nayanthara is shown as a villainous character with appealing beauty.
The power packed movie’s initial poster was released on 18th August, since then it created a lot of buzzes. The other cast of the movie also includes Manisha Yadav, Vivek, Siddarth Vipin and Mudhumitha. The production values of the movie certainly need a special mention and it leaves us no doubt about its return. The makers are planning to release the movie in this Diwali season. Here’s wishing the cast and crew of “Kaashmora” all the very best.
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