What made Sumanth Tense?

The tall, handsome hero Sumanth who is on a comeback trail with his forthcoming movie “Naruda Donaruda” is equally elated and tensed. The hero, who has been championing roles with romantic stories, family dramas, and action flicks all his career has attempted a very Sensitive theme that has never been experimented on Telugu screen before.

Naruda Donaruda,” is an experimental flick that’s based on the concept of donation. An official remake of the Bollywood super hit movie “Vicky Donor,” the movie is likely to hit the floors next month. Though the movie’s output was satisfactory, it’s the reception of the audience that has been haunting Sumanth for a while. While Bollywood has been exploring such different themes since over a decade, there are certain things which are still considered taboo in Tollywood, and that worries Sumanth about the movie’s fate.

Over the years Telugu cinema has evolved by leaps and bounds in all the crafts of film making and unconventional themes too were accepted. Hopefully, Sumanth gets a new lease of life with “Naruda Donaruda” and gets back in the race.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuS1Z3U8fCM”]


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