Chiranjeevi all geared up for his stint with Small Screen


Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu” is unquestionably the most popular reality show on Telugu Television channels. The show gives participants the opportunity to win a huge amount of rupees by using their knowledge. The show has completed 3 seasons successfully and is all gearing up for the 4th season. Besides big prize money, one more reason for its huge popularity is that has been hosted by ‘KingNagarjuna.

After the successful completion of 3 seasons, the show is all set for the 4th season with the only exception being, the show will be hosted by none other than the ‘Megastar’ Chiranjeevi, who is making his debut on small screen.

As Chiranjeevi is a novice to reality shows, the actor has taken training on his body language and few other soft skills to host the show. The latest buzz reveals that the shoot for the MEK 4 season begins during the end of September. It’s also heard that Chiranjeevi wants to continue hosting the MEK for the next season as well, depending on the response he receives for the season 4.

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